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It truly is frustrating to see our much loved car in a damaged condition or even to see it under perform as compared to the early days. Yet whether your radiator damaged or even the motor shakes continuously, you can get your vehicle parts replaced to get your automobile performing as good as new, while not having to get a brand new one.

Previous Audi S5 Engine Enquiries

Need RS4 or RS5 Engine or engine spares, pistons
2018-02-10 19:20:55 +00:00
I am looking for a non-turbo complete diesel engine.
2018-02-07 12:36:12 +00:00
Looking for a Engine
2018-01-31 13:22:37 +00:00
I require would like to speak to someone to discuss the engine I need. Please call me back.
2017-11-20 06:33:53 +00:00
looking for a complete m54b20/b25 or an s54 engine.
2017-11-15 12:31:26 +00:00
Alex Mendes
Need the complete engine
2017-09-19 09:44:38 +00:00
Mini Cooper
I'm looking for a Mini Cooper 1.6i engine(Non Turbo)
2017-09-18 14:25:22 +00:00
No message.
2017-09-13 06:09:30 +00:00
Vincent Nkhoma
Looking for a second hand complete engine of the above details
2017-09-08 10:35:45 +00:00
Looking for 2 x Hyundai H100 2008/2009 1.6 engines
2017-08-24 11:48:00 +00:00
Looking to do an E54 Engine swap into my BMW E30..
2017-08-02 13:40:42 +00:00
no message
2017-08-01 07:36:05 +00:00
no message
2017-07-31 07:52:03 +00:00
No further details
2017-07-10 10:48:39 +00:00
Ruan Bresler
I am urgently looking for a second hand engin for my s5 2008 model I bought a lot of nee spares from audi. Just to find out that the block on my car is also been crack. Bought new camshaft ajusters drive unit vallves rockerams for nothing. Please a am desprate still have to pay my car for 4 years. RUAN
2017-06-21 02:32:32 +00:00
need a s54 engine complete
2017-06-19 15:26:27 +00:00
I have BMW S500 1995/1996 V8 car for sale.
2017-06-06 11:16:05 +00:00
Kindly send me a preform invoice for the used and running engine that matches the above specifications
2017-06-03 13:25:23 +00:00
Mokone Roberts
Grand Voyager
Please try include the engine number as this helps the supplier checking stock availability.
2017-05-19 14:55:19 +00:00
Malcolm Hess
I am looking for a 2000 Mitsubishi Colt 3.0 V6 Rodeo engine for a Double Cab automatic bakkie. I am in Cape Town. Contact me ASAP
2017-05-09 19:38:27 +00:00
Adele Burger
hi. Im looking for a complete engine for a Kia Sorento 3.5 V6. current engine nr is G6DCAS586535
2017-05-09 09:43:13 +00:00
E36 M3
Looking for complete E36 M3 engine.
Must include ECU and Loom.

S50B30 or S50B32
2017-04-24 07:47:42 +00:00
Hi, Im looking for BMW S52 cams.
2017-04-16 19:27:51 +00:00
KB 250
I need the complete engine
2017-04-13 12:45:02 +00:00
Looking for second hand engine in good condition.
2017-03-18 10:14:09 +00:00
hadjigeorgiou sophoclis
Pls quote price and availability of 2 engines , details as above
2017-03-07 07:31:20 +00:00
Hi im searching for an engine for a Volvo 2.5 20velve
2017-03-06 14:20:41 +00:00
Please quote.
2017-03-03 08:32:24 +00:00
KB 220
Please may i have a quote on the camshaft, hydraulic lifters, and tappet set for the above vehicle
2016-12-19 12:15:36 +00:00
need a good running engine
2016-12-05 11:11:45 +00:00
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2016-11-21 18:37:20 +00:00
hi i'm looking for a bmw m3 s50 3.0l motor
2016-11-16 22:22:07 +00:00
Pleaase find new or used engine
2016-11-15 13:25:58 +00:00
Kindly requesting to assist me with the abovementioned vehicle engine.
2016-11-07 16:50:26 +00:00
Looking for a recon motor complete
2016-11-04 10:36:28 +00:00
Looking for a complete engine for BMW 320D
2016-10-13 09:05:43 +00:00
I am looking for a Captiva 2.2 Diesel engine.
2016-08-30 12:53:39 +00:00
2016-08-18 09:44:49 +00:00
2016-08-18 09:42:30 +00:00
2016-08-18 09:39:48 +00:00
2016-08-18 09:36:36 +00:00
May I have a quotation for the specified used enginein good condition.
2016-08-18 05:57:45 +00:00
Hi,I'm looking for a Chevrolet Orlando 1.8LT complete engen with less than 150 000km.
2016-07-17 06:08:31 +00:00
Engine for hotrod project
2016-07-02 08:20:00 +00:00
I need a complete engine in good condition.

Or a crankshaft in good condition
2016-06-22 07:02:06 +00:00

I'm looking for a S50B30 or S50B32.

Thank you.
2016-06-07 06:00:53 +00:00
I am looking for a 6 speed manual transmission for an e36 m3. Thanks.
2016-06-06 13:31:04 +00:00
2016-05-20 07:50:37 +00:00
E46 (3 series 1998–2006)
2016-04-01 22:12:36 +00:00
E46 (3 series 1998–2006)
2016-04-01 22:11:48 +00:00

Normally, when a motor component really needs changing, a lot of people usually ponder replacing the entire engine as opposed to ordering individual components. Nonetheless, this is never low cost and you may result in having to pay plenty of cash. In such instances, a good choice is always to purchase a used engine. Provided that you get components which match with the company, the make and also the production year of one's automobile, you can have your S5 running smoothly before you know it. This course does not just help save time and cash but can have your car or truck running nicely again sooner-rather-than-later.

Usually you can find second hand S5 motors for sale which are basically completely new. Following an automobile accident, scrap yards will take apart the broken S5 then sell the engine. Usually, you'll find a S5 which was barely used and will have he genuine parts as it is nevertheless brand-new. Also, highly regarded salvage yards will certainly examine the parts to ensure that they are not damaged and are in perfect status well before selling them in the market industry.

The actual need for used S5 motors has been mounting in the last few years. This comes about because it is extremely expensive to purchase a new auto. Purchasing a used S5 engine is effective in reducing your servicing service fees up to Half, while not sacrificing on performance and quality.

Used S5 engines additionally benefit you by taking care of your guarantee matter. You could get in the middle of 6 months to two years of warranty upon second-hand engines for sale. This ensures a client of good and reliable service and also small chance for the replacement part wearing down ahead of time. It is usually tough to find the exact match of your vehicle, but you are able to pay a visit to an online vendor or maybe search search engines like yahoo which has national directories. We'll check your needs and help you locate the automobile parts quickly and easily. You will find a neighborhood supplier or perhaps a scrap yard who will be prepared to ship it to you from another location.

A lot of prospective people choose getting second hand S5 engines because of the excellent deals as well as discount rates. Being a shopper who will endeavour to get the best quotation by checking prices from different vendors. It is possible to reference the end user owners manual supplied with your S5 to see the exact specs of your respective automotive component.

Investigate Engine Finder for some good deals on car engines for sale. You can also get in touch with businesses who sell second hand S5 transmissions, cylinder tops, wiper mechanisms, aircons, bumpers plus much more, for cost-effective prices.