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Are you looking for a rebuilt or used BMW Engine? Look no further! BMW Scrap yards are continuously stripping accident damaged BMW’s and salvaging their invaluable engines for resale. They have it all, from the 4 cylinder motors towards the praised inline six cylinder engines, even up to the V8 and V12 mega engines. Should you be looking for high quality used BMW engines, ready and prepared for resale, then our listed BMW scrap yards is a great starting point in your quest. Maybe you are planning to restore your E36 using a old classic 4 cylinder, fix your M3 with BMW’s mean, straight 6, or even pimp your M5 using a rip roaring V8 powerplant, we'll help you find the best used BMW engine!

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2 Series M1 X3
3 Series M2 X4
4 Series M3 X5
5 Series M4 X6
6 Series M5 Z3
7 Series M6 Z4
8 Series X1 I3

The good thing when buying a reconditioned BMW Engines is you understand what you're investing in. BMW engines, particularly their legendary straight 6, are praised around the world for their sleek and robust efficiency, superior torque output and perfect settings. In addition to the revolutionary technologies for example BMW named Valvetronic and VANOS that have been incorporated into a number of the brand new engine platforms. This particular new technology has dramatically changed the driving experience and also have made a new strain of BMW engine, several of which can be found in BMW scrap yards in South Africa.

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Pertaining to diesel and petrol piston engines, turbo powered Twin Power Turbo as well as excellent BMW engine parts, just stop by any of the listed scrap yards. Most scrap yards have experts that will pass on their knowledge, to enable you to drive away together with the greatest BMW engine beneath the bonnet. Most scrap yards can arrange delivery of the engine via a courier service. It usually takes 2 – 4 business days to arrive from any location within South Africa. Give them a ring or complete the part request form for any enquiries on their used BMW engines for sale. Click here for BMW engine repair tips.

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Final Thoughts..
As well as the things identified above, you might even be thinking about insurance, expense, installment services, and available guarantees in choosing an BMW engine supplier. While using criteria you need to be aware of, you can easily locate the BMW engine dealers by using the map above. Many professional traders possess an well-respected site that consist of all the details that they provide. Instead of calling each dealer, you can use our part enquiry form, which will contact all the dealers instantly with your engine inquiry.

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