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Engine Finder is here to help you find used or imported Opel engines for sale, from a network of Scrap Yards and engine importers. Most of you are most likely aware that Opel engines are very costly, specifically if you are buying a new one. In case you have a very old car or your you have late model, it will likely be very difficult and expensive to find a suitable engine. This is the reason why it is actually better if you can buy a used Opel engine since they're as effective as a new one.

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Recent Opel Engine Enquiries

used engine Opel Corsa 1.7 bakkie
2 litre
Durban KZN
I need a complete engine for 200 TS Astra with 6 speed gearbox. Thanks
Cape Town
Looking for a Z19DTH engine to fit a 2007 Astra H GTC
Vaalwater in Limpopo
I am looking for a full engine
I am looking for an opel corsa gama/pickup 1.4 used engine.
2.0 16valve
please help find the engine
I need a complete engine
East London
I am looking for an engine for an Opel Corsa Essentia 1.4 (A14XER...)

I need a reconditioned motor for an Opel Astra 1.6 CDE 2002 model. Please provide me with a quotation as well as warranty details.

Kind regards,
Umar Basadien
I am looking for a used Opel Astra 2005 2L ecotec.
More Info

used opel engineUsed Opel engines will absolutely be a lifesaver for vehicle owners, but you need to be careful when you're buying. We will provide some great tips regarding how to get the best used Opel engines in South Africa.

You have to know what you will need before you purchase used Opel engines. If you're searching for second hand Opel motors for sale or you are only searching for spares, it is advisable to know what you may need. The best thing that you must do is to take down the engine number and make an enquiry with us. This is really important because you do not want to waste any time to return to the shop because you bought the wrong engine!


It is not a bad thing to ask questions and it'll boost your knowledge. You can even develop a good relationship with the shop owner if you could ask them about engines and cars.

Tips For Buying Used Opel Spares

Before you buy anything, you must determine if a used part is definitely good for repair or not. If you crack a tail light or you break a motor mount, a used part might be a good solution. Nevertheless, there are times where you must purchase brand new ones, specifically for starters, brake rotors and more. Used Opel parts can actually give you a less costly alternative, but this will never be an overall solution.

If you want to find imported Opel engines for sale and others, you have to be sure that a used engine will be a good option before you buy.

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