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    audi tdi engineFind New or Used Audi Q3 Engines For Sale!

    Has your Q3 engine witnessed better times? Looking for used Audi Q3 engines for sale? We represent a community of Audi junk yards who sell used Audi engines in SA.

    Save time and cash by getting in contact with a lot of trusted Audi salvage yards immediately. Whether you are an auto mechanic, auto dealer or a motorist it doesn’t really matter. Merely enter your information using our online form and anticipate the offers from our dealer network.

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    Recent Audi Enquiries

    Engine Size Year Model Engine Number City Message
    2.0.TDI AUDI A4 2014 CGL288859 Newlands West Hi iam based in Kwazulu Natal in Durban iam looking for engine for Audi A4
    2007 BVZ018104 Johannesburg I wanted to know am oil pump for the audi a3 8p fsi 2.0 is available here.
    1.4 2012 CAXB25496 Berea Please can i have a quote
    1.8 T 2006 BFB022493 Pretoria The car is running well; only fading paint due to sun exposure on the roof, boot and bonnet; repaired right hand front fender.
    2.0 tdi 2012 CLJ015598 Bloemfontein I'm looking for complete engine for 2012 Audi A3 2.0tdi 8P
    A4, 1.8T 2003 Bfb 044861 Durban Good dayrnLooking for Audi A4, 1.8T bfb engine, Pls confirm if your got 1, and the pricernTX, Regards
    V8 Audi 2004 model S4 b6 George, Western Cape BBK engine and gearboxrnAudi 2004 model S4 b6 V8 Quattro spares
    1.8 Turbo 2008 00 Cape Town looking for left hand side sole under the two doors and a right hand side headlight for a 2008, 1.8, Audi A4 ,WAUZZZ8K08A032540, please assist
    1.8t 2007 Bfb Benoni Hi l need the quote for the B7 Bfb engine
    20 l tfsi 2007 BWA086883 Randfontein Looking for a audi 20l tfsi motor complete
    2l 2012 CGL154164 Benoni Engine required
    WAUZZZ8KX9A192314 Mosselbaai In need of an engine preferably low km
    2.0 liter petrol V6 CRC016412 Johannesburg looking for complete second hand engine
    2006 Axx Pretoria Hi, am looking for a cylinder block
    A4 Avant B7 2006 Pretoria Body Throttle - 06B133062H
    2.0 2004 BLY Cape Town I'm looking for an Audi A3 8P 2.0FSI (BLY) Motor
    3.0 2012 Q7 CRC062775 Cape Town Price for used engine, please
    2.0 2007 BLY009482 Johannesburg please give a quote of used and unused complete engine
    1.8 2007 CDA235865 Kimberley SECOND ENGINE ASAP

    About The Q3

    The Audi Q3 is a popular compact luxury SUV known for its impressive handling, advanced technology, and sleek design. Under the hood of this impressive vehicle lies a range of powerful engines, each with unique features and capabilities.

    One of the most sought-after engines for the Q3 is the 2.0-litre TFSI engine. This turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers an impressive 132 kW of power and 320 Nm of torque, making it capable of reaching a top speed of 204 km/h. Another popular engine option is the 2.0-litre TDI engine, which produces 110 kW of power and 340 Nm of torque while achieving an impressive fuel economy rating of 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres.

    When shopping for a used Q3 engine in South Africa, paying attention to the engine code is essential. The engine code is a unique identifier that indicates a particular vehicle’s specific engine model and specifications. For the Audi Q3, the most common engine codes include the EA888 and the EA288, both known for their impressive performance and efficiency.

    Overall, the Audi Q3 engine is designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience with smooth acceleration, responsive handling, and impressive fuel efficiency. Whether you are looking for a powerful and sporty engine or a more fuel-efficient option, the Q3 has various engine options to suit your needs and preferences. So why wait? Compare quotes for used Q3 engines in South Africa today and find the perfect engine to power your driving adventures.


    Q: How much is a new engine for Q3?

    The replacement cost for an Audi Q3 is around R49,500 for an Audi Q3 engine. Use Engine Finder to research and compare prices from various sellers to ensure you get the best deal.

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