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    audi engineIf you are searching for a used Audi engine for sale, you have come to the best place. No matter what engine fault you may have, we’ll quickly allow you to get in touch with a big community of engine distributors in SA. Get quotations from various companies and compare the quotes. Whether you are a mechanic, auto dealer or a driver it doesn’t really make any difference. Engine Finder may help you locate just about any used engine or spare part easily and quickly.

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    Popular Audi Models In South Africa

    audi a1Audi A1 TFSI engines: A extremely high compression rate is attained in Audi TFSI engines. This leads to enhanced performance capacities and outstanding efficiency. E.g. The 1.4 TFSI engine (110 kW ) along with the Audi cylinder on demand engineering in the Audi A1, allows the vehicle to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.8 sec and it’s able to reach speeds of up to 215 km/h. Audi A1 TDI engines: Using their mixture of turbocharging and direct injection, Audi TDI engines offer exceptional overall performance – due to their higher torque ranges within the complete engine speed range along with continuous power build-up.
    audi-a3A small subcompact executive vehicle, the Audi A3 is was produced since 1996. The very first 2 versions of A3 were in line with the VW Group A base, which are shared with other models like the VW Golf, VW Touran, VW Caddy, and the Audi TT. View Audi A3 Engines for sale.

    audi a4 engines for saleCreated since 1994, the Audi A4 is a distinctive line of lightweight professional vehicles and is a part of the VW Group. The A4 is actually made in 5 versions and is in line with the Volkswagen Group B system.

    TFSI engines – The very first entry will be the 1.4 TFSI. This small four-cylinder engine having a strength of 110 kW plus a torque of 250 Nm speeds up the A4 Vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 sec and gets to a 210 km/h. Due to the alloy crankcase, its weight is around 100 kgs.

    Looking For Audi A4 Spares? Click the link to visit our partner, they are continually stripping Audi A4 Vehicles for spares, particularly the A4 B8 Model.

    audi-a5At the beginning of the summer of 2016, the second-generation Audi A5 (8T) coupe premiered in Ingolstadt. The new coupe is based on the A4 family – the modular platform MLB is at the core of the design. The car became 60 kg lighter, but added about 4.5 cm in length of the body and became more spacious inside. The two-door version of the Audi A5 Coupé is sporty and elegant.  
    audi q3The design of the second Audi Q3 is made in the brand’s new brand identity and in some places resembles the flagship Q8. The defining features of the exterior are the octagonal radiator grille, “embossed” sidewalls of the body and expressive “hips” above the wheel arches. 

    Narrow wedge-shaped headlights – in three versions, all with LED technology, including Matrix LED matrix optics with adaptive high beam. At the heart of the new Audi Q3 is the modular MQB platform. 

    audi q7

    The modified 2nd generation Audi Q7 is identified by a the front 8-sided grille in the way of the most recent Audi novelties. The vehicle has a brand-new optics front and back. Bumpers, along with other exterior aspects: thresholds, overlays, rims and so forth were modified. A chrome strip showed up on the tail gate. All of this significantly improved the look of the vehicle making it even more outstanding.

    Past Audi Enquires

    2021-09-17 17:25:28 +02:00
    Hie i'm looking for 2012 Audi S5 3.0tfsi engine.
    2021-09-17 13:04:00 +02:00
    Complete Engine
    2021-09-16 21:05:42 +02:00
    1.8t fsi
    i`m looking for a price of an Audi A4 1.8t CDH 2008 engine
    2021-09-15 08:24:34 +02:00
    Cape Town
    looking for a complete engine on an Audi A1 TSSI, 1.4, 2008 year model, engine code: CAX, in the Cape Town area.
    2021-09-14 17:26:17 +02:00
    Hi im in search for the audi cda engine
    2021-09-14 11:15:01 +02:00
    I need a quotation for an Audi A4 B6 3.0i engine.
    2021-09-14 11:13:56 +02:00
    I need a quotation for an Audi A4 B6 3.0i engine.
    2021-09-13 10:34:12 +02:00
    Good day,

    I'm looking for a gearbox and a TCM for an audi a6 3L TDI CLA NKP 0aw.

    Kind Regards,
    2021-09-13 10:27:33 +02:00
    complete engine.
    2021-09-13 09:27:41 +02:00
    V6 supercharged
    Hi I am actually looking for a Porsche hybrid engine. But the audi engine. Engine code c a k is the same I would like a price and availability p
    2021-09-13 09:27:07 +02:00
    V6 supercharged
    Hi I am actually looking for a Porsche hybrid engine. But the audi engine. Engine code c a k is the same I would like a price and availability please
    2021-09-13 08:46:19 +02:00
    2.0 FSI
    i'd like to know the price of a second hand of Audi A3 2.0 FSI BVZ Engine.
    2021-09-12 19:50:21 +02:00
    2.0 TFSI

    Looking for a 2.0 TFSI engine for a 2007 Audi S3 Quattro.

    Kind regards
    2021-09-09 18:16:58 +02:00
    Looking for Audi Q7 3.0 turbo import engine
    2021-09-08 20:43:00 +02:00
    3.0 TFSI V6
    Looking for a audi s4 engine TFSI V6 60000 - 130000 km's
    History Of Audi

    History Of Audi

    Audi in its current form is the successor of the Auto Union concern, formed as a result of the merger of four companies producing cars and motorcycles under the brands DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer. Due to transformations, only Audi was retained. The first car of the Wanderer brand appeared in 1913, the first own company (Horch & Co.) August Horch organized in 1899, and after the lenders removed him from the business, in 1909 Audi Automobil-Werke was organized translated as “Audi Automobile Plant”. And in 1910 was released the first car. Translated from the German Horch (German Horch) means “listen”. When choosing a name for a new brand, the son of one of the business partners of Augustus offered to translate the founder’s name into Latin, that is, Audi – the imperative mood of the second person singular verb audible (translated from latin  -  “listen”). In 1921, the company made a kind of breakthrough. This year, the first German left-hand drive vehicle was released. Prior to this, the company was engaged only in engines and suspensions, but now it began to pay attention to the convenience of control. In 1928 this brand was bought by the DKW motor-car manufacturer, and in 1931 the debut of the front-wheel drive car, the DKW F1, was made. The global economic crisis, which began in 1929, contributed to this. The fact is that cars with large engine volumes have ceased to be in demand because of general lack of money. And then the head of Audi ordered to develop a compact car with front wheel drive.

    The impetus for the merger of four automakers gave the Saxon Municipal Bank, the lender of all these companies. He feared for his investments in the automobile industry. On June 29, 1932, Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW plants merged into Auto Union AG. His symbol became the familiar four rings. After such a merger, the company became the second automaker in Germany. Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer did not compete with each other. The fact is that each brand was allocated a separate market segment: Audi was engaged in sports cars, DKW – motorcycles, Horch – large and richly decorated cars, and the Wanderer – the middle segment of the luxury class. The company also participated in car racing. For several years, the Auto Union models of the Silver Arrow have won many races and championships around the world. At the same time a large number of world records were set. In 1940, the release of all civilian automobiles of the concern was curtailed, the factories of the association switched to the production of the Horch 901 headquarters vehicle.

    Build the Audi 80 in Wolfsburg, 1973

    After the end of World War II, all Saxon Auto Union factories were destroyed as a result of Allied aviation attacks, and many of its employees and management left the Soviet zone of occupation. All equipment that survived was dismantled and removed. The management of the company, shortly before the end of the war, managed to move to Bavaria. At the end of 1945 in the city of Ingolstadt even appeared warehouse parts Auto Union. But before the full production was still far away. Only September 3, 1949 resumed production of motorcycles and delivery trucks. The company was newly registered and the company appeared Auto Union GmbH. In 1950, the first post-war passenger car of the concern, the DKW F89 P Master Class, appeared.

    Audi Quattro S1 on the 1987 Rally Germany

    In April 1958, the joint stock company Daimler-Benz AG bought 88% of the shares of Auto Union, and a year later bought the company completely. Ingolstadt company became its branch. But the popularity of the Volkswagen Käfer model adversely affected the sales of other small cars and the financial position of the Auto Union concern, and in 1964 the company became part of Volkswagen.

    In 1965, it was decided to release all new models of the concern that had lost its independence under the Audi brand. The first time after the absorption of Volkswagen did not want Audi engaged in the development of its own cars. They were going to produce at the facilities of the enterprise model Volkswagen Beetle. But Ludwig Kraus, who was the head of the design department at the time, decided to develop the model secretly from everyone. In the end, they still learned about this in Wolfsburg, but did not interfere. The fruit of this activity was the car of the middle class Audi 100, which appeared in 1968.

    In 1969, Volkswagenwerk AG incorporated Auto Union GmbH and NSU Motorenwerke AG from Neckarsulm. The company was named Audi NSU Auto Union AG with its head office in Neckarsulm. In 1974, a significant event occurred. Ferdinand Piëch became the head of the design department .

    Ferdinand Piech
    Now, after years, this period is called “the era of Piekha”. It was during his leadership that the company reached remarkable heights. During these years, there are five-cylinder engine (1976), turbocharging technology (1979) and quattro four-wheel drive (1980). Audi quattro has become a car, from which it is customary to count the newest history of passenger all-wheel drive. In the period from 1982 to 1987 on this model, 23 victories at the stages of the WRC championship were won. Since 1985, the company has continuously increased technical developments. These include: fully galvanized body, perfect aerodynamic design, extensive use of gasoline engines with turbocharged, fuel efficient diesel engines with direct injection technology, aluminum alloy body, hybrid drive, gasoline engines with direct injection technology, super-powered eight and twelve-cylinder engines.

    In 1993, the Audi Group was formed, which eventually included the Hungarian and Brazilian units, were absorbed by the British Cosworth Technology and the Italian Automobili Lamborghini and the Spanish SEAT. The company is developing dynamically in most of the existing routes today. These are the business segment (A6), the executive (A8), sports and racing cars (Audi TT, A4 sports versions, R8 supercar), as well as Q7, Q5 and Q3 crossovers.


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