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More info On Audi A4 Models

Audi A4 (B5)

Audi A4The first generation with minor changes was produced before 2001. At first only the sedan version was available, the versatile version (Avant) appeared a year later. The car was based on the same platform as the fifth-generation Volkswagen Passat. In the dimensions and internal dimensions, the A4 is practically no different from the Audi 80. The new model has become only wider, which helped stability. The interior has also changed, although several mechanical elements, such as a window handle switch or climate control panel, resemble the Audi 80.

Before the release of the Audi A4, an experimental model called the Audi B5 in the amount of several dozen cars was released, for testing a specially created for them new platform. From the Audi 80, practically nothing was taken, except for the size and the engine with a volume of 2.6, which were used for the Audi B5 concepts, and the engine also underwent some changes, which later on during the serial production of the Audi A4 refused. The new platform used a revolutionary multi-link suspension, in which the designers used independent aluminum alloy levers, later the material and design of the levers changed a bit as after the first 30 thousand kilometers they had to change all levers. After replacing the levers, the suspension could have passed 100 thousand kilometers without any problems. The need to produce an intermediate model of the Audi B5 was due to the fact that it was decided to create a universal platform, which had to be fully tested before being launched into a series on various automobiles of the concern. The most daring and technologically advanced solutions for that time were used on the Audi B5, but not all of them then went over to the serial Audi A4. Index B5 subsequently began to denote the marking of the body, and the model began to denote the letter A from the name Audi.

It may be noted visibility and at the same time compliance with the requirements of passive safety of the car. The central pillars have a good side impact (since October 1996, all models are equipped with two side airbags, one on each side, as standard).

The first Audi A4 was based on the updated B5 (PL45) platform. Later, it also became the basis for the VW Passat B5 (type 3B).

Along with the advantages, this platform had its drawbacks. So the German magazine Auto Bild TÜV Report, which annually publishes the test results of various systems of popular cars, notes that the front axle ball bearings wear out quite quickly. Some companies specializing in the market for non-original auto parts, such as Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG , have tried to solve this problem by increasing the thickness of the finger on the ball joint.

The differences between the VW Passat and Audi A4 were mainly in the body and interior design. The VW Passat offered significantly more space than the Audi A4. Engines, transmissions and the all-wheel drive Audi quattro system were also used on the VW Passat . The engine at Audi is located longitudinally. For the first time, a Tiptronic machine was installed on it, the basis for which was an automaton developed by Porsche for their 911 model. It allows the driver to make a choice: either the box works in fully automatic mode, or it switches the transmission itself.

In 1999, the car has undergone a restyling. The choice offered a large number of engines: from 1.6 liter to 2.8 liter gasoline and diesel 1.9 liters. In the autumn of 1999, the Audi RS4 premiered, which immediately won the title of the most powerful serial wagon in the world. Modest-looking wagon has a supercar temperament. Its 2.7-liter V6, equipped with a twin- turbocharged engine, develops 380 forces. This force accelerates the car to 100 km / h in just 4.9 s.

In general, Audi A4 began to produce a more solid impression that finally allowed her to become a full-fledged competitor in the D-class.

A total of 1170,269 sedans and 510,720 first-generation station wagons were produced during production.

Audi A4 (B6) 8E

Audi A4 (B6) – The second generation debuted in 2000. Serial production began in 2001. It was based on the new Volkswagen B5 platform. The second generation was also produced in the body of the cabriolet type ( Cabriolet ). The design was made in the style of the second generation Audi A6. In this generation, debuted the new gearbox the multitronic. She added Tiptronic on front-wheel-drive models. The only problem was that it could not be installed on cars with a torque of more than 310 N · M.

Audi A4 Avant, Model B6

The body of the Audi A4 of the second generation became more spacious, compared to its predecessor: 69 mm (4547 mm) in length, 33 mm (1766 mm) in width, and 13 mm in height.

The vehicle is equipped with a full set of security features. The basis of the safety of passengers sturdy section of the passenger compartment with certain characteristics of deformation, airbags for driver and front passenger as well as side head airbags Sideguard mechanism and belt for the front seats. A serial electronic stabilization system of course stability is established as well as an emergency braking amplifier .

The car body is fully galvanized, the manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee for the absence of corrosion. The body is a bearing steel structure with built-in aluminum components, which significantly reduces the weight of the car.

Gasoline engines – inline four-cylinder, V-shaped six-cylinder (eight-cylinder on S4 models ) with electronic control. Diesel engines – inline four-cylinder, V-shaped six-cylinder.

Audi A4 Avant, Model B6

All engines Audi A4 with liquid cooling are arranged longitudinally. Models with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive “Quattro” are available. On all-wheel drive models installed center differential “Torsen” with automatic locking.

Chassis of aluminum alloy, which in turn provides high dynamic performance and precision driving. Depending on the configuration, a fully synchronized 5 or 6-speed manual transmission is installed , or AT (Tiptronic with a dynamic switching program DSP or Multitronic with a dynamic control program DPR).

Front suspension – independent, four-lever. Depreciation rack consisting of cylindrical coil springs, shock absorbers in the form of a double pipe and the upper supports of a large size. The stabilizer is not involved in the direction of the wheels, and through the connecting rods connected to the strut. The bridge beam is attached to the body on rubber-metal supports.

The rear wheel suspension is equipped with trapezoidal levers. Suspension beam is made of steel, trapezoidal levers – from a hollow aluminum profile. This design is characterized by low weight and compactness. This makes it possible to achieve both with the front-wheel drive version and with all-wheel drive ( quattro ) low floor layout in the trunk and the optimal width of the cargo hold.

All lever elements through rubber-metal bearings are connected by hinges with an elastically mounted suspension beam, which ensures effective damping of body vibrations. Suspension of the rear suspension is carried out with coil springs and two shock absorbers.

Audi A4 Limousine, Modell B6

Steering gear – rack, with a speed-dependent gain power steering (Servotronic). Adjustable, collapsible steering column.

The car is equipped with an electronic anti-entrainment system (stabilization of stability – ESP), which combines the anti-lock braking system(ABS), anti-skid system (ASR), electronic differential lock (EDS) and braking force distributor (EBV) into a single network. Installed emergency brake assist (BAS).

Basic brake system – hydraulic, dual circuit with diagonal separation and dual amplifier. System anti-lock braking (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBV) with the vacuum booster. Brake mechanisms – disc, ventilated on the front wheels.

A single lock with direct or remote control is used to lock the locks. The nearest date of scheduled maintenance is indicated by an indicator on the display. The driver information system is installed as standard equipment.

Aerodynamics and the use of lightweight materials contributed to a reduction in fuel consumption. Thanks to the use of high-strength steel and additional protective elements, as well as the development of large deformation zones, it provides even greater safety than the previous model.

In total, during production, 718,219 sedans and 4,62633 station wagons were produced.

Audi A4 (B7)

Audi A4 B7 – the third generation of mid-size Audi A4, lineup from 2004 to 2007. It is an updated model B6.


The car differed significantly in the revised control settings, suspension geometry, new engines, navigation systems and chassis electronics. The designations Typ 8E and 8H are also inherited from A4 B6.

The range of engines also received many improvements. In 2005, a new FSI system was introduced.(stratified fuel injection – direct injection engine) on 2.0 TFSI and 3.2 V6 FSI gasoline engines. Along with other modifications, this allowed increasing the output power to 200 and 255 hp. (147 and 188 kW), respectively. Both engines have 4 valves per cylinder. The previous 5-valve design was not compatible with the FSI direct injection system (due to the location of the fuel injector). There was also a 2.0 hp gasoline engine delivering 130 hp and a 1.8 turbo engine delivering 163 hp. 2.0 TDI diesel engines are now combined with the Pumpe Düse system (PD) – 16-valve technology, while the larger 2.5 TDI has been increased to 3.0 liters, offering 204 hp. (150 kW). The quattro permanent drive remained available on most A4 models. Audi abandoned the 5-speed manual transmission in favor of the 6-speed.tiptronic – 6-speed automatic transmission – available on all-wheel drive quattro models .

In addition to the superior performance of the S4 , which inherited the B6 S4 transmission, Audi reintroduced the state-of-the-art RS4 ( RennSport ) into the model line. Another well-known innovation is the 3rd generation Torsen T-3 quattro system, which uses an asymmetrical 40:60 (front / rear) torque distribution (this new asymmetric redistribution was initially available only on RS4, and later on S4. The rest of the A4 line still used a 50:50 torque distribution.

 Audi A4 (B8)

Audi A4 (B8)Audi A4 (B8) – the fourth generation of mid-size Audi A4 .

The first official shots of the fourth generation appeared in mid-2007, and in September 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show , the premiere car version of the sedan was held, and the station wagon premiered in March 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show . The lower part of the car is very similar to the A5 coupe. Both cars are built on the same platform MLP ( Modular Longitudinal Platform ). It spent four years and more than a billion euros.

Compared with the previous model, the A4 in the back of the B7 , the new B8 has grown in size – 160 mm added wheelbase, 117 mm – the total length. This has increased the legroom for rear passengers. Although overall dimensions increased, curb weight decreased by about 10%. The size of the trunk has also increased: up to 480 liters for the sedan and 1,430 liters for the station wagon (Avant) with the rear seats folded down.


Tips For Buying Used Engines

Looking for a Audi A4 engine for sale? We are usually irritated whenever our Audi isn’t running nicely, has been slammed during an accident, or the engine overheats excessively. Not only will it create additional damage to the vehicle but also damages the driving experience. But whether your radiator heats up excessively or maybe the motor rattles persistently, you can get your Audi A4 parts changed to have your vehicle operating as good as new, while not having to buy a new one.

Usually if the demand for swapping car components arrives, in particular car engines, a number of us often assume we must buy a new one. This calls for a significant expenditure, because new motors don’t come cheap. A better and less expensive substitute will be for used car components from a similar kind of car. As long as you find components which match with the producer, the make and the construction year of your car, you can get your automobile operating smoothly before you know it.

Sometimes you will find Audi A4 motors for sale that are just about brand new. After any sort of accident, Audi salvage yards will take apart the damaged A4 and sell the engine. These parts are, hence, authentic and totally genuine. Besides, they are analyzed by industry experts before being added into the 2nd hand market.

Audi FSI engineUsed Audi engines tend to be in quite a bit of demand concerning replacing automobile parts. That is because it’s very costly to obtain a new Audi. Buying a 2nd hand Audi A4 motor can cut your maintenance bills up to 50 %, without compromising on performance and quality.

Warranty is yet another valid reason you ought not hesitate to buy second hand car vehicle engines. You can get between Six months to two years of guarantee upon 2nd hand vehicle engines for sale. It could be challenging to get the specific fit for your car, however you have the ability to visit an internet-based business as well as check out yahoo and google which has nationwide internet directories. We can submit your order and locate the actual vehicle part for you personally. It’s entirely possible to find a hometown scrap yard who’s going to be eager to ship the various components straight to your property.

A lot of future individuals opt for getting second hand car engines because of the cheap deals plus bargains. As a result of high rivalry among several companies, many distributors will provide awesome bargains even for used engines. Being a customer who will endeavor to get the best quotation by examining the prices from different businesses. You may reference the end user guide book furnished with your Audi A4 to discover the precise descriptions of one’s engine. It’s going to help you stay well informed by offering you helpful information for your own engine criteria.

Engine Finder is really a website intended to get you into contact with vehicle dismantlers all over South Africa. There exists a great system of Audi junk yards who offer cylinder heads, gearboxes, radiators, turbo units and alternators plus more at awesome deals.

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