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    Searching for used Audi engines for sale? Let’s help you find an engine speedily! As soon as you give us a call or complete the form, your request will get directed instantaneously onto an extensive community of Audi scrap yards, re manufacturers, auto salvage yards and Audi engine importers. Simply choose the relevant car company key in your car details and submit the form. Additionally call us! Then just chill out and wait for the fitting quotes to arrive to you via e-mail or phone. Please be aware we do not promise any of the suppliers’ engines, action or services.

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    About The Audi A5 Model

    audi-a5Of the external changes, first of all, attention is drawn to the new form of optics, a more elongated grille and an underestimated hood line. The car has a low coefficient of aerodynamic drag – only 0.25, and this is one of the best indicators in the segment. Of the features of equipping the new Audi A5, you can note bi-xenon headlights with washers, LED running lights and rear lights as standard, as well as a choice of intelligent LED head optics – Audi Matrix headlights with dynamic direction indicators for an additional charge.

    As usual, the Audi A5 boasts high quality trim materials, personalization options due to the color options of the interior. In the standard – heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, 7-inch screen multimedia system. Optionally, the car can be equipped with a virtual instrument panel Audi virtual cockpit 12.3-inch diagonal. The MMI Navigation plus navigation system now works with an 8.3-inch monitor on the center console and acts as the main information node, which can be controlled both by the controller and by voice. In the most luxurious version of the equipment (leather seats, power seats with position memory, front seat ventilation, heated rear seats and much more) will not do without a premium Bang & audio system.

    Audi A5 Engines

    The Audi A5 is equipped with two power units with a volume of 2.0 liters. Petrol 2.0 TFSI develops a maximum power of 249 hp (at 6000 rpm) and maximum torque of 370 Nm (at 4500 rpm). Diesel 2.0 TDI develops maximum power 190 hp (at 4200 rpm), and the torque is even more impressive than that of the petrol version – 400 Nm (at 3000 rpm). Both engines are characterized by increased performance and reduced fuel consumption (average consumption – 6.3 l / 100 km for petrol and 4.6 l / 100km for diesel) and are equipped with a 7-speed robotic gearbox.

    Audi A5 Suspension

    Audi A5 has a fully independent suspension – multi-link front and rear. The car also received a new generation quattro all-wheel drive system, which uses a clutch instead of the Torsen differential. Optionally available are adaptive shock absorbers with three modes of operation (Auto, Comfort, Dynamic) and a dynamic steering system with an electro mechanical amplifier that changes the transmission characteristics depending on the angle of rotation of the steering wheel and speed. Ventilated disc brakes on all wheels provide excellent braking.

    In the back of the new Audi A5 Coupé, there are even more high-strength steels, which means less weight and more safety. In addition, in itself, the two-door body has a high degree of rigidity. Standard equipment for the Audi A5 includes front airbags, front side airbags and curtain airbags, ISOFIX attachments. Active safety is provided by: anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), auxiliary braking system (BAS), electronic stability control (ESP), traction control (TCS). The list of options is also extensive: lane conservation assistant, dynamic cruise control, adaptive road lighting system, blind zone monitoring system and other functions.

    Audi A5 Coupé has a spacious interior, high-quality sound insulation and good functionality. The luggage compartment here has a volume of 465 liters. The boot lid is equipped with an electric drive, and as an option, a contactless trunk opening system is available, as well as a second-row backrest, folding in the ratio of 40:20:40. Recall that the line A5 is a large family, even in the first generation it was represented by three body types, and for each there was an option in the “S” series, and for the coupe and convertible – also in the “RS” series. In the second generation, the lineup turned out to be no less representative, and the cars themselves became much safer and more powerful. Thanks to the choice of engines, new finishes, exterior trim packages and Sport and Design lines, the manufacturer provides the necessary personalization options.

    Your Audi A5 Engine Enquiry Goes To Our Network Of Suppliers

    It’s most unfortunate when we have an collision with our car, or whenever it fails to run as efficiently as it should. Nevertheless, the good thing is you could invariably change your damaged radiator or the ruined outdated motor to offer your vehicle a completely new existence without replacing it.

    The spontaneous reaction of a A5 owner is to go for a brand new engine on the subject of modifying engine components. This requires a huge purchase, since brand-new A5 engines don’t come cheap. A better and inexpensive solution is going for used car components from a similar type of vehicle. What you need is making certain the various components are identical in your automobiles when it comes to model, make along with year of manufacturer. This strategy will not only save time and expense but will get your car running nicely once again sooner-rather-than-later.

    There’s an great opportunity to get a second hand engine that is certainly completely new . Immediately after an automobile accident, scrap yards will strip the damaged A5 and sell the parts. These types of engines are, consequently, authentic and absolutely genuine. So, you can always grab genuine brand-new parts that are validated by gurus just before placing it within the 2nd hand industry.

    Second-hand A5 motors also have popular demand amid the individuals who are wanting to get their own car or truck on the road as soon as possible. The reason is we all want to avoid spending lots of money over a new motor vehicle. The good news is, such used car motors will keep the overall performance of your respective A5 unchanged by having to pay just 50 % of the essential expense.

    Guarantee is another reason why you shouldn’t be afraid to go for pre-owned A5 motors. You may get between 6 months to two years of warrantee on pre-owned motors for sale. The hard activity of finding an identical vehicle second hand motor for sale can be carried out really promptly through the help of our on-line engine enquiry form that quickly connects you to our system of partners. We can put in your order and find the specific automobile component just for you. A nearby junk yard will probably be happy to ship to your house.

    Lots of potential buyers favor getting second hand A5 engines due to the wonderful deals and also discount rates. You can even compare the price on offer by different sellers and settling for the most affordable. To minimize the prospect of obtaining the wrong component, it is best to refer to the owners manual that came with your A5. It is going to help you stay well informed by offering you practical information on your own A5 part specifications.

    Check out Engine Finder for some great deals upon car engines for sale. You may also get in contact with suppliers who sell 2nd hand A5 transmissions, cylinder heads, wiper mechanisms, alternators, bumpers plus much more, for cost effective prices.

    Types of A5 Engines

    Model Years Type/code Power, torque at rpm
    Petrol engines
    A5 1.8 TFSI Coupé 2007–2008 1,798 cc (109.7 cu in) I4 turbo (CABD) 125 kW (170 PS; 168 hp) at 6200, 250 N·m (184 lbf·ft) at 1500-4800
    A5 1.8 TFSI 2009– 1,798 cc (109.7 cu in) I4 turbo (EA888) (CDHB) 118 kW (160 PS; 158 hp) at 6200, 250 N·m (184 lbf·ft) at 1500-4500
    A5 1.8 TFSI 2016– 1,798 cc (109.7 cu in) I4 turbo (CJEE) (CDHB) 130 kW (177 PS; 174 hp) at 6200, 320 N·m (236 lbf·ft) at 1400-4500
    A5 2.0 TFSI 2008–2011 1,984 cc (121.1 cu in) I4 turbo (CDNB) 132 kW (179 PS; 177 hp) at 6000, 320 N·m (236 lbf·ft) at 1500-3900
    A5 2.0 TFSI, 2.0 TFSI quattro 2008– 1,984 cc (121.1 cu in) I4 turbo (EA888) (CDNC) 155 kW (211 PS; 208 hp) at 6000, 350 N·m (258 lbf·ft) at 1500-4200
    A5 3.0 TFSI, 3.0 TFSI quattro 2011– 2,995 cc (182.8 cu in) V6 supercharged 200 kW (272 PS; 268 hp) at 4780-6500, 400 N·m (295 lbf·ft) at 2150-4780
    A5 3.2 FSI, 3.2 FSI quattro 2007–2011 3,197 cc (195.1 cu in) V6 (CALA) 195 kW (265 PS; 261 hp) at 6500, 330 N·m (243 lbf·ft) at 3000-5000
    S5 3.0 TFSI quattro Cabriolet, Sportback 2009– 2,995 cc (182.8 cu in) V6 supercharged (CAKA, CCBA) 245 kW (333 PS; 329 hp) at 5500-7000, 440 N·m (325 lbf·ft) at 2900-5300
    S5 4.2 FSI quattro Coupé 2007–2012 4,163 cc (254.0 cu in) V8 (CAUA) 260 kW (354 PS; 349 hp) at 7000, 440 N·m (325 lbf·ft) at 3500
    RS5 4.2 FSI quattro Coupé 2010– 4,163 cc (254.0 cu in) V8 (CFSA) 331 kW (450 PS; 444 hp) at 8250, 430 N·m (317 lbf·ft) at 4000-6000
    Diesel engines
    A5 2.0 TDIe Sportback 2011– 1,968 cc (120.1 cu in) I4 turbo 100 kW (136 PS; 134 hp) at 4200, 320 N·m (236 lbf·ft) at 1750-2500
    A5 2.0 TDI Sportback 2009– 1,968 cc (120.1 cu in) I4 turbo (CAGA) 105 kW (143 PS; 141 hp) at 4200, 320 N·m (236 lbf·ft) at 1750-2500
    A5 2.0 TDI, 2.0 TDI quattro 2008–2011 1,968 cc (120.1 cu in) I4 turbo (CAHA) 125 kW (170 PS; 168 hp) at 4200, 350 N·m (258 lbf·ft) at 1750-2500
    A5 2.0 TDI, 2.0 TDI multitronic 2011– 1,968 cc (120.1 cu in) I4 VTG turbo (CGLC) 130 kW (177 PS; 174 hp) at 4200, 380 N·m (280 lbf·ft) at 1750-2500
    A5 2.7 TDI 2007–2011 2,698 cc (164.6 cu in) V6 turbo (CAMA, CGKA) 140 kW (190 PS; 188 hp) at 3500-4400, 400 N·m (295 lbf·ft) at 1400-3250
    A5 3.0 TDI quattro 2007–2011 2,967 cc (181.1 cu in) V6 turbo (CAPA, CCWA) 177 kW (241 PS; 237 hp) at 4000-4400, 500 N·m (369 lbf·ft) at 1500-3000
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