List Of BMW Fault Codes


Incorrect throttle opening angle pressure. It is necessary to test the operation of the mechanism, it may stick in the open or closed position.


Failures in the radiator installation. The problem is the wrong position of the engine cooling radiator screen. The device may be clogged or worn out.123Thermostat malfunction. The user needs to diagnose the device and check its wiring.


Failures in the system of smooth idling. Possible jumps in speed up or down, reducing the power of the power unit.


Failures in the formation of the air mixture or misfire in the first cylinder of the engine


Incorrect air mass required to form an air-fuel mixture. The amount of air is critically large.


Malfunction of the variable throttle mechanism. It is necessary to test the operation of the sensor and the assembly itself, perhaps the shutter jammed.


Depleted air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the power unit


Incorrect air-fuel ratio, problems in formation are fixed. If the throttle position, air and oxygen flow sensors are operational, then the functioning of the control module must be tested. Perhaps, as a result of a software malfunction, the device set the wrong parameters for the formation of the air mixture.


The literal interpretation of the error is “the starting state of the glow plug.” It is necessary to check the operation of the devices and replace them in case of wear. If the spark plugs are new, the cause may be a malfunction or software malfunction of the glow plug control unit.


Programmable Cooling Activation Message


Failures in the variable valve timing system. The problem is a malfunction of the servo control mechanism or directly in the drive unit.


Multiple Misfire Reported


Thermostat is malfunctioning (device is jammed), but this error code may indicate the following problems:

  1. Damaged wiring or low-quality signal from the device to the control unit. It is necessary to check the integrity of the power line and make sure that the contact is good.
  2. Use of low quality fluid. As a result of the fact that the spent consumable cannot fulfill its functions of cooling the power unit, the microprocessor module regards this as a malfunction of the thermostat.
  3. Clogging of the channels of the cooling system with wear products and antifreeze deposits. To fix the problem, you will have to dismantle all the pipes and clean them. Critically clogged lines must be replaced.
  4. Malfunction of the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid. The problem may result from a software failure.
  5. Mechanical damage to one of the pipes or the expansion tank, which led to the leakage of refrigerant from the system.


Incorrect throttle position angle. Inlet pressure is not in accordance with standardized data.29D2Microprocessor module registered misfire in the sixth cylinder of the engine


Misfire of fuel with a reduced amount of fuel in the tank. It is necessary to erase the error, refuel the car and test the control unit again.


Error correction of fuel during the formation of a combustible mixture. It is necessary to diagnose the operation of sensors that affect the compositions – oxygen, air. Also, the problem may be a malfunction of the engine control unit.


Common error code indicating a problem with the input collector


Exhaust system malfunction


Malfunctions associated with variable intake system 2, an error was recorded during the self-diagnosis


Failures in the automatic valve control system, the problem must be sought in the functioning of the servomotor


Internal error in the operation of the adjustable valve lift system. With error 2A67, a detailed check of the elements for lack of wear and sticking is required.


Mechanical valve seizure reported at Vanos


On BMW E87 and other versions, this code indicates a malfunction in the intake valve system2A82Mechanical seizure of vanos inlet valves, the course of devices may be impaired. If error 2A82 on the BMW E83 and other versions, it is necessary to check the operation of the drive element, if necessary, the valves change.


Malfunctions of the Vanos system (inlet), the angle correction is outside the normalized range. The first thing to do is to check the operation of the valves.


Malfunction of the solenoid valves of the Vanos system.

To fix the problem, the user must:

  • clean or replace the Vanos valve;
  • Perform system adaptation
  • check the case of the oil filter; its “nose” may have broken off;
  • diagnose the executive unit for jamming and seizing;
  • check the screws securing the actuator for loosening;
  • Diagnose the control module for software problems.


Failure of the learning function of the Valvetronic system. The problem should be sought for software malfunctions of the control module.


Violation of the synchronization of the cam shaft with the crankshaft. Possible malfunctioning of the respective sensors or wear of the timing belt. In Error 2A98, all pulleys should also be checked for defects.


Incorrect air mass flow. The problem may consist in the operation of the flowmeter sensor or a malfunction in one of the air lines. In rare cases, the cause is problems associated with the engine itself.


This error code can have several interpretations:

  1. Activating the intake manifold length change. If the error is irregular, then the malfunction may be stuck in the servo drive. Failure is accompanied by a decrease in traction.
  2. Short circuit in the operation of the DISA actuator. It is required to check the valves of the device.


Throttle potentiometer malfunction, possible causes of the problem:

  • potentiometer sensor malfunction;
  • a short circuit inside the motor winding of the throttle valve;
  • lack of connection or poor-quality throttle contact with wiring;
  • wear of the insulating layer of the cable, which led to a change in the resistance value on the line.


Malfunction of the air mass supply system. The problem will lead to malfunctions in the formation of the combustible mixture.

Items to be diagnosed:

  • mass air flow sensor;
  • vacuum line for air leaks;
  • valve cover for possible damage;
  • EGR valve;
  • intercooler;
  • intake manifold assembly;
  • highways connected to the intercooler;
  • exhaust system with turbine;
  • swirl flaps;
  • air filter.


This error code can have several notations:

  1. Thermostat malfunction. The user needs to check the operation of the device and make sure that it does not jam. The problem may be accompanied by malfunctions of the cooling system and overheating of the power unit. The thermostat malfunction may be due to clogging of the cooling system lines with sediment from antifreeze.
  2. Nitric oxide sensor error. It is necessary to check the connection quality of the device, as well as the absence of contamination on the connector.


Misfire in the fifth cylinder of the engine is fixed. With such a problem, you should first check the spark plugs themselves, and then make sure that they are in good contact with the car’s electrical network, in particular, high-voltage wires. The cause of the problem may be a malfunction of the distributor.


The literal translation of the error is “catalytic conversion conversion”. The cause of the problem is a malfunction or poor connection of the catalytic converter.29F5Clogged catalyst that may be associated with the following problems:

  • regular use of low-quality fuel;
  • natural wear of the unit;
  • clogged cell filter.

The power unit with this problem begins to work unstably, it is possible to reduce power and the lack of response to pressing the gas pedal. The Check Engine indicator appears on the dashboard and the fuel consumption is also increased.

To check the catalyst for clogging, you can resort to one of the following methods:

  1. Light up the device using a flashlight. It is best to drive the car into a pit and dismantle the assembly.
  2. Try to identify clogging on the scent. If the catalyst device is clogged, a pungent odor gas will escape from the exhaust pipe.
  3. Substitute a hand to the muffler. If the node is working properly, the user will feel serious opposition. If the catalyst is clogged, there will be no serious resistance.


Malfunctioning shutter system, activation of the device is impaired


On BMW X1 and other versions, this code indicates a malfunction in the functioning of the glow plug installed in the first cylinder of the engine. The power unit with this problem can start without fail. It is necessary to check the operation of the candle itself, as well as make sure its quality connection.4A63Intake manifold malfunctions, detailed unit diagnosis required


Malfunction of the pressure control system in the rails when starting the power unit. It is necessary to check the operation of the system sensor, as well as to make sure that there are no signs of damage to the assembly.


Code 480A can have two decryption:

  • critical contamination of the particulate filter;
  • exhaust gas pressure is unacceptable – the operating parameter is outside the upper or lower range.


Malfunction indicating a limitation of the power output of the power unit. The problem may be with the injectors or one of the engine sensors. Also, the cause may be a malfunction of the control module by the motor.


If diagnostics using the INPA system (INPA) showed this code, this indicates that the engine status is not received by the control unit or the data is invalid. If the microprocessor module works without failures and there are no software errors, then the problem must be sought in a poor connection.A0B4Starting the power unit on a car with a working starter.

Possible causes of the problem:

  1. Faulty CAS or DME module. It is necessary to check both devices and test their connection quality. The problem may be a communication failure due to wire wear.
  2. Software malfunction of the control unit. It is necessary to test the module itself and its firmware.
  3. Faulty starter mechanism. Perhaps one of the structural elements of the device is stuck.


Error in the fuel injection time in the fourth cylinder of the engine – the fuel supply is too early. It is necessary to check the operation of nozzles and wires. If the problem occurs after washing the engine, you need to dry all the contacts on the high-voltage cables.


Malfunctioning vanos valve or mesh device. The problem is accompanied by a decrease in the power of the power unit.


Particulate filter malfunction. You can try to clean this device if it is clogged, but most likely, the filter element will have to be changed.


Malfunctions in the flowmeter in the car – a critically low signal arrives from the device to the engine control module. The problem is most likely related to the operation of the sensor itself or the wiring. In the first case, the device may become clogged, as a result of which a smaller air flow passes through the controller. In the second case, you should look for closures.


A depleted air-fuel mixture was recorded, possible causes of the malfunction:

  1. Malfunction of nozzles or their incorrect operation. One of the elements may be clogged, so cleaning will be required. To diagnose the nozzles you will need a special stand.
  2. Untimely replacement of filters. As a result, foreign particles can enter the engine.
  3. Clogged or malfunctioning mass air flow sensor. To fix the problem, you need to clean the device using a special tool or change it.
  4. Malfunction or malfunctioning of an EGR valve designed to return a certain amount of exhaust gas to the engine cylinder. The device may be clogged.
  5. Intake system malfunctions or throttle position controller malfunction. If the latter is clogged, it is cleaned. The position of the damper must correspond to the temperature of the power unit or gas pedal. If the engine is warm, the device should be open, if not, it should be at a certain angle.
  6. Malfunction of the absolute pressure controller installed in the intake manifold.
  7. The idle speed sensor is defective or clogged. Perhaps the problem is the poor tightness of the connection.
  8. Problems in the work of the gas distribution mechanism. You need to check how the tags are set and in what condition the videos are. If the latter are worn, they must be replaced.
  9. Oxygen controller malfunction.
  10. Failure or clogging of the fuel pump.

If the error is not accidental, it will be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • misfire in one or more engine cylinders;
  • the delay in the response of the power unit to pressing gas;
  • triple motor;
  • random engine stop when idling;
  • sharp jerks of the motor;
  • the appearance of new noises and sounds during engine operation;
  • unstable operation of the unit as a whole.


The depletion of the air-fuel mixture, the problem should be sought in the second engine bankP0301Misfire in the first cylinder of the engine was detected. We must look for the reason and start by testing the oxygen sensors and air flow.P0306Misfire in the sixth cylinder of the power unit


The powertrain control unit detected misfire caused by a reduced fuel level in the tank. If error P0313, you need to make sure that there is enough fuel.


This combination indicates the misfire of the air-fuel mixture in one of the cylinders of the unit, the number must be verified by the diagnostic method. The problem is the lack of fuel supply.


Catalytic converter malfunctions. The control unit fixed a problem in the operation of the second engine bank – the efficiency of operation is below a critical threshold.


Malfunction of the Valvetronic system – raising the intake valves. The problem is accompanied by the appearance of the Check indicator on the dashboard, as well as the transition of the power unit to half power mode. The cause may be a malfunction of the system control module or damage to the power line.

P1062 (1062)

Malfunction of the variable valve timing system. The engine control unit can put the power unit into emergency operation mode. It is noted that the shafts do not reach the extreme position.


A lean air-fuel mixture recorded by the engine control unit in one of the engine cylinders. An error indicates a malfunction in the first oxygen sensor, but the problem may be with the control unit.


Critically high air pressure recorded in the intake manifold. First of all, the user needs to test the operation of the absolute pressure controller, as well as its wiring. If these elements are intact, the ECU is subject to diagnosis.


Combinations P1343 or 1343 report a misfire with a fuel cutoff recorded in the operation of the first engine cylinder. If one of the sensors is faulty, then with such a problem, the Check icons or exclamation mark in a circle are lit on the dashboard.P1347Misfire in the third cylinder of the power unit


Misfire recorded in the fourth cylinder of the power unit


Misfire in the fifth cylinder of the engine with fuel cutoff.

Reasons that could lead to this problem:

  1. No spark on the spark plug. Such a problem may occur as a result of wear of the device, contamination of the electrode or its malfunction. Also, the absence of a spark appears when the switchgear fails or the armored wire connected to the candle is damaged. The cover on the distributor could crack, causing moisture to enter.
  2. Lack of fuel in the combustible mixture. This problem manifests itself as a result of clogging or failure of the nozzle. The reason may be insufficient fuel pressure, which is associated with a clogged filter or a failure of the pressure sensor. The latter could wear out and leak.
  3. The problem may be a breakdown of the exhaust valve or damage to the gasket located in the cylinder head. This leads to a decrease in the level of compression as a result of leakage of fuel or its non-combustion.


This code on BMW E38, 4X4 and other versions means turning off the sixth cylinder of the power unit and interrupting the supply of fuel. The problem is the misfire of the air-fuel mixture with the fuel cut-off.

Reasons that could lead to this malfunction:

  • damage or breakage of wiring;
  • reduced fuel level in the tank;
  • malfunction of the fuel system;
  • ignition problems – candles, high-voltage wires, switch, coils;
  • lack of tightness in the intake system;
  • mechanical malfunctions in the engine.


The literal translation of the error code P3264 is “a small ratio of the calculated and measured air mass”. First of all, it is necessary to check the operation of the mass air flow sensor and clean it if necessary. If this does not help, the device changes.


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