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    About The BMW M50 Engine

    About The BMW M50 Engine

    The straight six-cylinder petrol engines of the M50 family replaced the M20 engines in 1990. They were produced until 1995, when they were replaced by M52 engines .

    The main difference between the M50 engine and its predecessor is the cylinder head, which has four valves per cylinder and two camshafts . In this regard, BMW engineers have achieved better filling and as a result – the best power characteristics of the motor in the upper speed range, sacrificing torque at low revs.

    The timing belt drive M20 was replaced in the M50 with a chain engine, which increased the reliability of the engine. The cylinder block was made of cast iron. The center distance of the cylinders at the block M50 and M20 are the same.

    M20B25 – the predecessor of the M50

    Since September 1992, MAN’s engines began installing the VANOS proprietary variable valve timing system. This system receives commands from the engine control unit (ECU). By means of a solenoid valve, the computer opens the oil channel through which the oil acts on the mechanism, which changes the position of the intake camshaft, under pressure. This allowed to increase torque at low revs, reduce fuel consumption and allowed to compensate for the reduced efficiency of the M50 engine (unlike the M20) in the lower engine speed range.

    M50 engines have proven themselves as reliable and powerful engines. They were installed on the following models: 320 E36, 325iS E36, 325 E36 , 520 E34 , 525 E34.

    Also modified M50 engines were installed on the BMW Alpina B3 E36, had a volume of 2979 cm ³ and power 250 liters.

    On the basis of the M50 engine, BMW Motorsport GMBH has developed sports engine modifications for M-series cars. They were labeled S50B30 and S50B32.

    The injection control system of the M50 engine does not yet have a CAN bus, which makes it possible to read and reset ECU errors on the K-Line.

    BMW produced the following modifications of M50 engines:

    Modification Bore Piston stroke Engine capacity, Power Power, Torque, Maximum
    engine mm mm cm³. compression hp Nm rev / min
    M50B20 80 66 1991 10.5: 1 150 at 190 when 6500
              5400 rpm 4300 rpm  
    M50B20TU 80 66 1991 11:01 150 at 190 when 6500
    VANOS         5300 rpm 4200 rpm  
    M50B25 84 75 2494 10:01 192 at 245 at 6500
              5400 rpm 4300 rpm  
    M50B25TU 84 75 2494 10.5: 1 192 at 245 at 6500
    VANOS         5400 rpm 4200 rpm