BMW: we have the best diesels, they will remain on the market

by | Aug 20, 2022 | BMW News

BMW intends to continue to produce diesel models, said the head of the research and development department of the concern Klaus Frolih.

According to him, BMW has succeeded in creating environmentally friendly diesel engines and has repeatedly criticized European politicians who demand the abandonment of diesel engines amid the scandal around Volkswagen.

“The development of diesel technology is very important. We have, I believe, more or less the best diesels. Tests indicate that they are also the cleanest, – said Frolih. – In Europe, every politician sees the only solution – attacks on diesel engines. But in terms of emissions and good for customers, a modern diesel is a very good solution. Especially for heavy and high-performance cars. ”

However, Frolih acknowledged that despite everything said earlier, the range of diesel engines from BMW could be reduced. For example, now a 3.0-liter heavy-duty engine has a version with single, double and quadruple supercharging – there may not be such a choice in the future, but there will be several options for the power of the same engine.

Thus, niche products in the spirit of the powerful diesel M50d may be difficult to implement due to stricter environmental regulations against the background of an initially small market for similar products.


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