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    2013 BMW F20 116i Stripping For Spares

    Now available for parts, the 2013 BMW F20 116i, featuring a robust N13 engine, known for its efficiency and performance in the compact luxury segment. This vehicle operates on petrol and is equipped with a manual transmission, ideal for those who prefer an engaging...

    2013 BMW 125I E82 Stripping For Spares

    Now available for stripping and parts, a 2013 BMW 125I E82 in an elegant blue color. This automatic vehicle, known for its robust performance and luxury, is perfect for those seeking high-quality spare parts. With a fuel-efficient petrol engine, it offers an optimal...

    2008 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Automatic Stripping For Spares

    2008 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Automatic Stripping For Spares

    Stock Number: MAJ3298 - Your chance to acquire high-demand parts from a 2008 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI, available now for stripping. Featuring an automatic transmission and diesel engine, this vehicle is a perfect source for premium spare parts. Essential Information Fuel Type:...

    2013 BMW F32 428i Coupe Automatic White Stripping For Spares

    2013 BMW F32 428i Coupe Automatic White Stripping For Spares

    The 2013 BMW F32 428i Coupe, in a striking white finish, is now available for dismantling. This model is powered by the advanced N20B20A petrol engine, known for its performance and efficiency. Key Specifications: Stock Number: MAJ3245 Fuel Type: Petrol Transmission:...

    2012 BMW X6 E71 35iX Automatic Black Stripping For Spares

    2012 BMW X6 E71 35iX Automatic Black Stripping For Spares

    We are now dismantling the 2012 BMW X6 E71 35iX, a dynamic SUV in a sleek black finish. This model is powered by the robust N55 petrol engine, celebrated for its powerful performance and driving pleasure. Key Specifications: Stock Number: MAJ3291 Fuel Type: Petrol...

    Scrap Yards & Auto Parts in Uitenhage

    Exploring scrap yards in Uitenhage is essential for sourcing quality auto parts at competitive prices. Uitenhage, known for its rich automotive history, hosts several reliable scrap yards providing a range of parts for various vehicle makes and models. Here, we delve into some of the notable scrap yards located in Uitenhage.

    Scrap Yards in Uitenhage

    Rangers Motor Spares & Engine Reconditioners

    Rangers Motor Spares & Engine Reconditioners

    Rangers Motor Spares & Engine Reconditioners provides a wide range of high-quality auto parts and engine reconditioning services. Known for its extensive inventory and excellent customer service, it stands out as a top choice in Uitenhage.

    Opening Hours: 7:30 am-5 pm
    Closed On: Sunday
    Tel: 041 991 0774
    Address: 40 Constitution Rd, Cannon Hill, Kariega, 6230
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    Akay’s Auto Spares

    Akay's Auto Spares

    Akay’s Auto Spares offers quality car parts at low prices, specializing in a variety of vehicles. Their friendly service and strategic location make them a popular choice among local car owners.

    Opening Hours: 8 am-12:30 pm, 1:30-5 pm
    Closed On: Open All Days
    Tel: 041 991 1239
    Address: 25 Durban St, Cannon Hill, Kariega, 6229
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    Rudmans Motor Spares

    Rudmans Motor Spares

    Rudmans Motor Spares, though smaller in scale, offers personalized service and a curated selection of auto parts, making it a gem in Uitenhage’s automotive landscape.

    Opening Hours: 8 am-5 pm
    Closed On: Sunday
    Tel: 041 992 4203
    Address: 7 Mitchell St, Uitenhage, Kariega, 6229
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    Welcome to Engine Finder in Uitenhage

    Engine Finder is your trusted network of engine importers and scrap yards across South Africa. We specialize in providing high-quality spares and auto parts from our extensive network of partners.

    How Scrap Yards Work

    When vehicles become too expensive to fix or are total write-offs, they are sold to scrap yards. In Uitenhage, our associated scrap yards salvage workable parts, selling them as original, second-hand vehicle parts to customers with compatible vehicle models.

    Find used parts from our wide range of scrap yards stripping spares from accident damaged vehicels all major vehicle brands such as: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Nissan, Honda & Toyota. Many components from cars damaged in accidents are in excellent condition and ready to provide many more years of reliability.

    Assurance and Quality

    Each part salvaged at our locations in Uitenhage undergoes stringent testing to ensure top-quality and safety standards. Our dedication to responsible waste management and recycling ensures that we are at the forefront of sustainable practices.

    Find Used Engines For All Major Car Brands

    Engine Finder allows you to find used engines for all significant car brands including BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford, KIA, Land Rover, Tata, Jeep, Volvo, and VW, Toyota. Each of our suppliers engines are pressure tested and come with a warranty to ensure peace of mind and guaranteed satisfication.

    Dedication to Excellence

    Our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service and value. Our team is efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable. At Engine Finder, we take pride in our customer-centric approach and aim to be the best in the business for sourcing new and used car parts.

    Delivery Across the Nation

    Our supplier’s offer nationwide and local delivery through reliable courier services. We are here to help and to save you time and money, ensuring that your parts arrive safely and promptly, wherever you are in South Africa.

    Find Used Spares in & around Eastern Cape

    In conclusion, Uitenhage offers a variety of scrap yards for auto enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing valuable resources for auto parts and repairs. For those looking to expand their search in the Eastern Cape, consider visiting additional locations like Scrap Yards in Port Elizabeth or Scrap Yards in East London.

    These locations offer an extensive range of parts that cater to various automotive needs, ensuring that you find exactly what you need for your vehicle.

    Find the best deals and the parts you need right here in Uitenhage.

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