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    Looking For an Import or Used Chana Engine?

    Are you in search of a second-hand engine for your Chana vehicle in South Africa? Whether it’s because your engine has overheated or you’re a car dealer needing to quickly replace a motor, or perhaps a mechanic looking for competitive prices, Engine Finder is here to assist.

    Our platform connects you with a vast network of engine importers across South Africa, ensuring you find the right engine for your Chana vehicle at the best price. From popular models like the Chana Star, Chana Benni, to the Chana Maxi, we cater to a wide range of Chana vehicle models.

    No matter the specific Chana engine issues you’re encountering, Engine Finder is your reliable partner in sourcing second-hand engines efficiently and effectively.

    Chana Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Recent Engine Enquiries

    Brand Engine Number Name City Message
    Chana Jan Petoria Chana 1000cc used engine
    Chana consulting Chana star 1.0i turbo engine
    Chana Blessing Makamba JOBURG Gearbox for Chana Cak truck
    Chana JL4740641K35866 Johan Parow, Cape Town looking for an engine for a Chana Star bakkie, 1300
    Chana JL474Q2843D010944 Trevor Langham Rustenburg Chana Benni,whole engine
    Chana JL474Q641K42572 Sue Johannes Looking for a new engine for a Chana Mini Truck. VIN Number LSCBB13D56G130188.
    Chana 00 Stefan Pretoria looking for complete second hand engine of a 1.3, Chana, please return call.
    Chana stephan groblersdal looking for complete second hand engine for Chana Bakkie
    Chana L474Q741K120 Mpho North West looking for complete second hand engine
    Chana EQ474 cAROLINE PORT ELIZABETH Looking for a second hand cylinder head and cam if possible.
    Chana 00 Rowan Johannesburg looking for a complete second hand engine
    Chana 00 Pillay Boksburg Looking for a complete second hand engin for 2008,chana,1.8. Please assist
    Chana F8A308040 Louis Venter East Rand looking for complete second hand engine for Chana Bakkie
    Chana Christa George or Mosselbay Hi I am looking for a complete head for the chana pick up
    Chana Christa George or Mosselbay Hi I am looking for a complete head for the chana pick up
    Chana JL465Q5 Reginald Looking for chana engine JL465Q5
    Chana JL465Q5 Reginald Windhoek Looking for complete engine or the crank.
    Chana N/A Roelf Johannesburg/Durban Looking for a complete engine on a Chana STAR, 1.3, petrol and diesle, 2008 year model, in the Johannesburg or Durban area.
    Chana Firaz Limpopo complete engine

    More Info

    About CHANA


    CHANA is a Chinese automotive brand that is part of the Changan Automobile Group. The company has been a significant player in the Chinese automotive industry and has expanded its market presence internationally over the years.


    CHANA, also known as Changan Automobile, was founded in 1862 as a military supply factory. It entered the automotive industry in 1959 with the production of the Changjiang Type 46 vehicle, marking the beginning of its journey in vehicle manufacturing.
    Over the years, CHANA has developed a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, microvans, commercial trucks, and buses. The brand is known for its focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, with a strong emphasis on research and development in electric vehicles and new energy solutions.

    Brand Portfolio

    Today, CHANA is recognized for its diverse portfolio of vehicles, including the popular Alsvin, Eado, and CS series of passenger cars. The company has also made significant strides in the electric vehicle market with its Eado EV and other electric models.
    CHANA’s vehicles are appreciated for their affordability, fuel efficiency, and modern features, catering to a broad spectrum of consumers both in China and internationally. The brand continues to invest in advanced technologies, aiming to lead in the transition towards more sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions.


    CHANA has expressed a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, with plans to further expand its lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles. The company aims to strengthen its position in the global automotive market by focusing on smart technologies, autonomous driving capabilities, and green energy solutions.
    As the automotive industry evolves towards a more eco-friendly and technologically advanced future, CHANA is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of mobility, emphasizing its vision for a cleaner, smarter, and more connected world.

    CHANA is a Chinese automotive brand that produces a range of engines for their vehicles. Here are some of the most common CHANA engines and their codes:

    • 1.5L Turbocharged I4 – This engine is commonly found in the CHANA Alsvin and Eado models. It offers a balance of power and fuel efficiency.
    • 2.0L Naturally Aspirated I4 – Used in various CHANA models, this engine is known for its reliability and durability.
    • Electric Motor – Found in CHANA’s electric vehicles like the Eado EV, providing zero-emission power.

    As for engine problems, some common issues with CHANA engines include the following:

    1. Electrical issues – Some CHANA models have been reported to experience problems with their electrical systems, affecting the engine’s performance.
    2. Cooling system failures – Overheating due to cooling system failures can occur, particularly in older or high-mileage vehicles.
    3. Battery problems – In electric models, battery longevity and performance can decline over time, impacting the vehicle’s range and overall efficiency.

    It’s important to note that regular maintenance and care can help to minimize the risk of engine problems.


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