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    Looking For an Import or Used Chery Engine?

    If you are hunting for a second hand Chery engine for sale, you have arrived at the best website. Whichever engine trouble you could have, we will instantly get you in contact with a big network of engine importers in South Africa. Our site will help locate the right engine for your Chery vehicle at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you are a the average joe in the street, dealership, or auto mechanic. Allow us to help you find a used Chery engine quickly and easily.

    Chery Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Recent Chery Enquiries

    Engine Size Year Model Engine Number City Message
    1.6 2013 SQR477FBADL00066 Greytown Please see the information. I want to sell my car for scrap. It's engine is running and only the front right is damaged.
    1.6 2011 Bloemfontein Looking for a complete second hand engine for a 2011, Chery Tigo. 1.6L. Please assist
    2.0 2012 SQR484FFFAB04272 Capetown I have been struggling to get a reliable dealer whose honest to buy a engine from but to no avail given up hope already could not find any engines incape town all abroad could you please assist me will be greatfull
    1.6 2013 SQR481FAFCJO5294 Uitenhage I am looking forrn1. Both lower control armsrn2. Two stabilizers (links)
    1.6 SQR481TTT9H02676 Wellington western cape I want to check the price of engine
    0.8L 2013 SQR372FGCH01673 Cape Town I am looking for a second hand (used) engine for a Chery QQ
    1.6 2013 Cape Town Require a radiator cap, 1,1kpa pressure.rnRequire a Evap valve.rnRequire a cam position sensor with 3 pin plug
    2.0 2010 LVVDC14B98D056958 Johannesburg I need complete engine chery j5 2010
    1.6tx 2012 SQR481FFFCE03622 Cape Town I need my engine replaced, please can I have possibilities. Chery engines seem to be scarce.😪
    1.6liter 2013 Cape Town Caller requested quote for Starter for Chery 1.6liter, 2013, Vin LVVDB11B6CD222837, Cape town.
    1.6 2016 SQRE4G16AAEJ00105 JOHANNESBURG I need all the part to fully service this car
    2.0 2012 SQR484FAFBF05002 Nelspruit Hi, i'm looking for a sub assembly for chery tiggo 2.0? Otherwise complete engine please
    Tiggo 1.6 tx 2011 SQR481FFFBD04432 Bloemfontein I want a price on a complete engine
    1.6 2012 Hi I'm looking for chery tiggo 1.6l engine
    2.0 tgdi 2023 SQRF4J20AHNJ00860 VRYBURG (NORTH WEST) I am selling a Tigo 8 PRO MAX engine. 2023 model. it is currently at Chery Vryburg. (053) 9271466.rnThis is a petrol engine and diesel was erroneously filled with only 428 kilometers travelled.rnThanks
    1.6 tx 2012 SQR481FFFCC02678 Cape town Hi there, rnI am in search of a second hand engine for my cheri tiggo 1.6 2012 model, please let me know if you have anything available or able to source. Much appreciated.
    2010 Johannesburg I am looking for. DRIVE SHAFT SEAL RIGHT SIDE FIR CHERY QQ
    1.6 2018 00 Cape Town looking for a alternator of a 2018,1.6, Chery, please assist.
    1.5 Chery j2 Johannesburg I'm looking for complete engine for chery j2

    chery-logoAbout Chery

    Chery is a Chinese automotive manufacturer that was founded in 1997. The company’s headquarters are located in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China. Chery produces many vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.

    Chery has been one of the fastest-growing automotive manufacturers in China, and the company has expanded its presence in international markets. Chery currently sells its vehicles in over 80 countries, including South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and some European countries.

    Chery is known for its focus on research and development, and the company has invested heavily in advanced technologies such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Chery has also established partnerships with other automotive companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, to collaborate on developing new cars and technologies.

    Overall, Chery is a significant player in the Chinese automotive industry. The company’s focus on innovation and international expansion has helped it become a global leader in the automotive sector.

    Common Chery Engine Codes in South Africa

    In South Africa, Chery vehicles are equipped with a variety of engines. Here are some of the most common Chery engines and their codes found in vehicles in South Africa:

    • 1.5L Acteco SQR481F – This engine is commonly found in the Chery Tiggo 5 and produces 80kW of power and 147Nm of torque.
    • 1.6L Acteco SQRD4G16 – This engine is used in the Chery J3 and produces 87kW of power and 147Nm of torque.
    • 1.6L Acteco SQRD4G15B – This engine is used in the Chery QQ3 and produces 50kW of power and 90Nm of torque.
    • 1.6L Acteco SQRD4G15C – This engine is used in the Chery J1 and produces 72kW of power and 140Nm of torque.
    • 2.0L Acteco SQR484F – This engine is used in the Chery Tiggo 7 and produces 122kW of power and 205Nm of torque.

    These are some of the most common Chery engines and their codes found in vehicles in South Africa. It’s worth noting that different Chery models may be equipped with other machines, which may also vary depending on the model year.

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