engine error codesChevrolet Engine Fault Codes


Violation of the system of changing the valve timing, the position of the camshafts is incorrect. Error P0011 is recorded in the memory of the control unit in the event that delays between the actual and calculated shaft angle occur more than ten times in a row.

To throw the error after the diagnosis, you must determine the cause of the problem:

  • malfunctions in the system of changing the valve timing;
  • damage to the gear wheel (gear) of the shaft;
  • breakdown of the phase regulator due to contamination or when replacing the timing chain;
  • violation of the flow of motor fluid into the piston chamber, clogging of the oil channel;
  • damage to the power line or contact elements on the valve block.


By error P0012, the on-board computer warns the car owner about a delayed reaction when the intake camshaft position detection system is activated


Code P0014 indicates incorrect camshaft position


The engine control unit reports the activation of the exhaust camshaft positioning system late. First of all, to solve the malfunction, it is recommended to clean the solenoid valves. If these steps did not resolve the problem, the elements are replaced.


Error codes P0016 and 0016 indicate a failure in communication between the crankshaft and camshaft. First of all, you need to make sure the integrity of the pulleys and the timing belt / chain. You also need to make sure that the marks on the shafts match.


Code P0017 appears if the crankshaft is not positioned correctly. The problem must be sought in the device sensor or in the pulley itself. The cause may be damage to the teeth on the gears or malfunction of the regulator.


The combination P0300 or 0300 indicates misfire in one or more cylinders. The problem may be random or permanent. Typically, an error results from damage to the catalytic converter or increased toxicity. The problem may be a critically low level of compression in the cylinders or a malfunction of the components of the ignition system, including a switchgear, coils or candles with high-voltage wires.


The microprocessor module of the car registered a depleted air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the power unit.

Error P0171 (0171) leads to the following consequences:

  • overheating of the power unit of the machine;
  • burnout of piston rings, valves and the pistons themselves;
  • fast muffler wear;
  • reduction in engine power and traction during riding;
  • increased consumption of engine fluid and antifreeze.


Error code P0172 reports re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture. When checking the malfunction, the engine must be started, and messages from all the necessary sensors are received on the electronic module. Fuel is also supplied with feedback from the oxygen regulator.

The reasons why this error occurs:

  • clogged mass air flow sensor, which leads to an increase in the supply of fuel;
  • malfunction of the fuel nozzle, which “overflows” fuel;
  • malfunctions of the lambda probe or lack of a signal from the sensor;
  • malfunction of the fuel pressure controller located in the fuel line;
  • damage to the intake or exhaust manifold, which led to air leaks;
  • malfunctions of the cooling system, including a faulty temperature controller or a thermostat jammed in one position;
  • wear or carbon deposits on spark plugs.


Malfunction in the throttle actuator drive device. The problem may be a breakdown of the electric motor of the mechanism or its poor contact with the electric network of the car. It is necessary to test the wiring and the quality of the connection, the cause of the malfunction may lie in the windings of the electric motor itself.


The code P0301 (0301) for cars of 2013 and other years of release appears with misfires registered in the first cylinder of the power unit. To eliminate the cause, it is necessary to test all the elements of the ignition system, including the distribution unit and candles. Also to be diagnosed are coils and wires connected to the candles.


Error P0302 on-board computer (BC) The state reports the appearance of misfire in the second cylinder of the power unit


Code P0303 is fixed by the microprocessor module in the event of misfiring in the third cylinder of the engine, the problem is accompanied by the following “symptoms”:

  • unstable engine start and inability to start it in case of activation of a large number of additional devices;
  • the power unit “troit” when driving at idle, which leads to trembling of the vehicle body;
  • there is a lack of power of the power unit during the ride;
  • fuel consumption increased.

The following issues precede code 0303:

  1. Poor spark formation on spark plugs. The problem may be the formation of soot on these elements or an incorrectly set gap on the device. You should also check the armored wires connected to the candles.
  2. Reduced compression in the cylinders. To eliminate such a problem, the user will need to perform the coking of the power unit.
  3. Failure of the switchgear of the ignition system or the appearance of cracks on its cover. It is not possible to eliminate the defects, as they will lead to the ingress of moisture inside.
  4. Poorly formed air-fuel mixture. It is recommended to change the gas station.
  5. Low fuel pressure as a result of malfunctions associated with the operation of the gasoline pump.
  6. Malfunctions in the fuel injectors.


P0304 is also a misfire problem, only now in the fourth engine cylinder


Fault P0 341 (0341) is associated with the operation of the camshaft. The user needs to test the operation of the controllers, as well as the wiring and quality of contacts. The problem may be the desync marks on the shaft.


Designation of combination Р0342 (0342) with decoding – malfunction in camshaft operation. There is no signal from a sensor mounted on the engine. If the error appeared after installing the controller, then the user needs to check the so-called target located on the pulley, as well as the gap between it and the controller. If everything is in order, then the terminals and their condition are diagnosed for deformation, as well as wiring.


Code P0352 appears when the second and third ignition coils or their power lines malfunction. The problem may be related to the operation of the power unit, which is not cooled sufficiently. In this case, the device is diagnosed and replaced in the event of a breakdown, as well as contact verification.

List of symptoms that occur with a faulty ignition coil:

  • overheating of the device;
  • unstable functioning of the ignition system as a whole;
  • decrease in engine performance;
  • the appearance of the Check icon on the instrument cluster;
  • triple the power unit, in particular, during operation at low temperatures;
  • the appearance of failures when working at certain speeds;
  • the inability to start the power unit.


The combination P0366 appears when the signal level coming from the camshaft controller is incorrect. The malfunction can be associated not only with the sensor or wiring, but also with the control unit. It is also necessary to check the shaft for wear – sometimes the problem manifests itself as a result of a broken tooth.


The combination of P0 420 (0420) is associated with malfunctions in the operation of catalytic converters. It is necessary to check the node for integrity and absence of defects. Also, the problem may be a malfunction of the engine control unit or oxygen regulators.


The microprocessor device has registered malfunctions of the catalytic converter, the efficiency of the node is critically low. If the problem P0 422 (0422) does not resolve after the repair, you will need to completely remove the catalyst or reflash the control unit to Euro-3 standard. You can also try to install the so-called snag instead of lambda probe No. 2. In the event of a breakdown, the catalyst is usually not repairable.


Code 0507 indicates an increased speed of the power unit that does not meet the standardized indicators.

The problem may occur for the following reasons:

  • clogged or malfunctioning throttle;
  • blockage of the idle channel;
  • a malfunction in the controller for maintaining heating revolutions;
  • failure of the servomotor of forced increase in idle speed.


The P0597 code may have two error codes, but both of them are related to the thermostat operation:

  • damage to the control circuit of the heating element of the thermostat of the engine cooling system;
  • Thermostat refrigerant control valve freezes in open or closed positions.

Regardless of the value of the error, the problem is accompanied by difficulties in the engine, including insufficient heating or overheating of the power plant, as well as a decrease in traction and power.


Incorrect engine temperature signal received by the vehicle control module. Most likely, the cause of the problem is a malfunction of the control system of the heating element of the thermostat. If the problem is wiring, then you need to test the cable for grounding to ground and the quality of the contact of the device with the mains. Also, the problem may lie in the heating element itself or the thermostat relay. If the device is stuck in the closed position, the cooling of the power unit will be insufficient, which will lead to overheating of the motor.


Error P2096 occurs when the depletion of the air-fuel mixture in the power unit. Data to the control unit comes from oxygen controllers located after the auto catalyst. The error indicates an excess of oxygen in the combustible mixture and a lack of fuel, so the engine’s performance is deteriorating, including idle jumps and misfires, as well as a decrease in dynamics.

Possible causes of the problem that will allow you to throw off the error and fix the problem:

  • cracks in the exhaust manifold;
  • damage to gaskets and sealing elements of the unit;
  • clogged or damaged fuel injectors;
  • malfunctioning fuel pumps;
  • clogging of one or more filters;
  • failure of the fuel pressure sensor.


Malfunction of the throttle control unit. The cause of the problem must be sought in the electric motor of the mechanism, since most likely the device is out of order or the contacts are closed in it. You must also test the node wiring.


Code P2135 indicates a mismatch of readings from the first and second throttle position controllers.

If the problem does occur and it is not accidental, this is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • a serious drop in traction, when you press the gas, the car practically does not respond;
  • when the power unit is idling, the speed jumps;
  • the engine cannot gain more than two thousand revolutions per minute even when the gas pedal is pressed all the way;
  • engine starting is difficult;
  • after starting the power unit, the motor can stop immediately.

If this problem is not related to the operation of the sensor or control unit, then to eliminate the cause, the following actions are performed:

  1. First, the user needs to make sure that there are no problems with the quality of the “mass” contact of the auto control module.
  2. Then you need to make sure that the electrical outputs of the controllers provide the desired connection. To improve the quality of the connection, the user can bend the contacts on the block.
  3. It is required to carry out diagnostics of the main relay. If necessary, replace the device.
  4. You should also diagnose the electromechanical throttle for possible problems. The defective assembly must be replaced.


The P2138 code on Aveo F14D3 and other versions indicates errors in the correlation of sensors 1-2 of the gas pedal position. It is necessary to test the wiring and contacts on the controllers


Literally, the combination P2187 or 2187 stands for “low voltage in the system for adjusting the fuel supply at idle.” It is necessary to verify the absence of misfire, and also to check all the elements that affect the formation of the air-fuel mixture.


By P2188 or 2188 errors, the engine control unit reports a re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the power unit, codes appear with the following problems:

  • clogging of the air filter, which led to re-enrichment of the mixture at idle speed of the motor;
  • malfunction of the idling sensor or its pollution;
  • clogged idle valve;
  • throttle pollution;
  • malfunction of the oxygen controller;
  • incorrect operation of the mass air flow sensor;
  • nozzle malfunction.


How To Read Fault Codes

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