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    Looking For an Import or Used Chrysler Engine?

    Has your Chrysler engine seen better days? Looking for a good used Chrysler engine for sale? We represent a network of Chrysler vehicle dismantlers who offer engines for sale in South Africa. Save your time and money by getting in contact with a lot of trustworthy Chrysler scrapyards instantly. Regardless if you are an auto mechanic, automobile dealer or just a Chrysler owner it won’t really make any difference. Engine Finder will assist you to find any second-hand engine quickly and easily.

    Chrysler Engine Importers & Scrap Yards in South Africa

    Recent Chrysler Engine Enquiries

    2021-12-21 16:35:02 +02:00
    Cape Town
    265 4.3L

    I am searching for an engine, probably just a block now. A 4.3L Chrysler Valiant Hemi 265 brought in from Australia in 1972 and lost to time. Hoping you can help source it.

    2021-11-10 09:11:34 +02:00
    looking for Chrysler PT Cruiser computer box - part number: P05033663AB3663B, 2L, 2002 year model, engine code: 2U5, in the Durban area.
    2021-09-02 09:42:30 +02:00
    2.8 CRD
    looking for a Chrysler Grand Voyager - Right side font outerboot CV Joint, in the Johannesburg area, engine number: DR709427, 2013 year model.
    2021-08-03 20:22:56 +02:00
    v6 chrysler - 2.7l or 3.5l
    2021-06-06 21:01:06 +02:00
    Looking for a engin 2.2crd Chrysler pt cruiser 2003 my number is 0645463887
    2021-05-11 22:01:51 +02:00
    Cape Town
    V8 340
    Looking for any chrysler V8 engines for sale. Preferably a 340
    2021-05-07 07:17:39 +02:00
    2 litre
    I have a 2000 Chryslers Neon 2L for sale Engine seize. for sale
    2021-05-07 07:15:06 +02:00
    2 litre
    I have a Chrysler neon 2l for sale
    2021-04-21 15:34:04 +02:00
    In need of 3.6 l vvt engine for Chrysler c300
    2013 model
    2021-04-20 15:24:33 +02:00
    TIMING Belt vir n Chrysler Neon... hierdie volgende nommers kan werk: TB565; 94461; CHR112; G1123H; CT1111
    2020-12-03 11:46:10 +02:00
    Quote for ,Chrysler enjin please
    2020-11-12 09:35:46 +02:00
    looking for a complete engine on a Chrysler Voyager, 3.3, 2012 year model, engine number: EGA, in the Johannesburg area.
    2020-11-02 17:59:15 +02:00
    Chrysler 300c engine 2006
    2020-09-24 14:00:23 +02:00
    I am looking for a gearbox for Chrysler Sebring 2.7L automatic
    2020-09-03 06:14:12 +02:00
    Looking for an engine Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Why Use Us?

    Find Chrysler Engines For Sale From Scrap Yards in South Africa.

    We are typically upset whenever our Chrysler isn’t working efficiently, has been smacked in a collision, or the automatic gearbox is not working properly. It doesn’t only generate more damage to the vehicle but additionally spoils the driving experience.

    However, fortunately, you may change your damaged gearbox or perhaps the engine to offer your Chrysler a completely new life without the need of selling it. Usually, when an engine component requires changing, many people contemplate swapping the full engine as an alternative to shopping for single components.

    Finding a new one has always been costly because those brand-new engines will usually burn your pocket. There is certainly, having said that, a more economical option – buying used Chrysler engines. As long as you buy components that match up with the company, the make, and the creation year of your vehicle, you could have your Chrysler operating smoothly very quickly.

    Sometimes you will discover used Chrysler engines for sale, which are basically brand-new. Following a Chrysler accident, Chrysler wreckers will strip the broken auto then sell the various components. Usually, you will find a rarely used vehicle and definitely will include the genuine components since it is nevertheless new. Besides, they are analyzed by industry experts before being added to the 2nd hand industry.

    Used Chrysler engines tend to be a lot of need concerning the replacement of vehicle parts. That is because it is costly to get a completely new Chrysler. Thank goodness, such type of used Chrysler engines will keep the efficiency of one’s automobile unchanged by paying only 1 / 2 of the necessary expense.

    Usually, second-hand motors tend to be backed by a 6 To 24 months assurance relating to the parts. At times finding the exact part can be a problem, especially for unusual versions. OOn the other hand, it is possible to use the internet and search for second-hand motors, use the form on this blog, or link up with automobile parts buying message boards or perhaps trading markets.

    We’ll check your specifications and help you get the auto parts fast and easy. You can find a community seller or perhaps a scrap yard who will be happy to send it to you from another city. Economic offer is a second major advantage to shopping for pre-owned engines. It helps the buyer reduce the price. As a consequence of extreme competition between the several companies, several vendors are willing to supply special discounts upon solitary units. You can also evaluate the prices offered by various scrap yards and settling for the most cost-effective.

    It is easy to see the end-user guide book supplied with your vehicle to determine the particular needs of your motor vehicle part. It should help keep you advised by providing you with helpful information on your own

    Chrysler-parts requirements. When you enquire with Engine Finder, it’s possible to get some good deals on Chrysler motors for sale. You will find a big network of junkyards that sell cylinder tops, gearboxes, starter motors, turbo units and alternators, plus more at amazing rates. Resources:

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