Citroen Engine Fault Codes


Failure of the bypass valve of the turbocharger of the engine. The problem may occur as a result of damage or breakage of the control and power line.


Also a malfunction associated with the turbocharger, in particular its bypass valve. The engine control unit may receive a lower signal level from the device.


Oversaturated air-fuel mixture, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • nozzle malfunction or clogging; cleaning will be necessary with a special stand to fix the problem;
  • untimely replacement of filters;
  • the appearance of deposits and contaminants in the fuel tank;
  • malfunctions in the operation of sensors designed to control the opening of air valves;
  • regular refueling of the vehicle with low-quality fuel;
  • damage to the intake manifold or violation of its tightness.

P0172 (0172)

Re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture, to eliminate the cause, the following components and elements should be checked:

  1. Malfunctions related to the intake system. The user needs to diagnose the air filter and replace it in case of clogging, as well as check the operation of the air and throttle valves located in the intake manifold. If they do not open to the end, then you need to adjust the elements or replace them.
  2. Malfunctions of air pressure sensors in the intake manifold or flow meter. The latter should be cleaned if clogged.
  3. Malfunctions associated with the operation of fuel injectors. Perhaps the device does not withstand the right pressure.
  4. Malfunction of the pressure reducing valve of the fuel rail.
  5. Failure to work or failure of the oxygen regulator.


Violations during the formation of a combustible mixture in the second cylinder of the engineP0217The problem associated with overheating of the power unit, possible causes:

  • lack of engine oil caused by leakage, or the use of low-quality fluid;
  • failure of the thermostat;
  • the use of a refrigerant that has exhausted its service life or the formation of deposits in a consumable;
  • failure of one of the sensors of the power unit;
  • malfunction of the control unit;
  • coolant leakage from the system due to damage to the nozzles.


Turbocharging Pressure – Upper Limit Exceeded. It is recommended to check the operation of the turbocharged unit, as well as all the sensors connected to it and the wiring.


A critically low boost pressure of a turbocharger or a drive pressure device has been recorded


A malfunction associated with a malfunction in the engine cylinders. In one of them, misfires are possible, but the device number is not specified, so the user needs to search for it on their own.

P0301 (0301)

Misfire recorded in the first cylinder of a car engine

P0304 (0304)

The appearance of misfire in the fourth cylinder of the engine, possible causes of the problem:

  1. Poor sparking on candles. The problem may consist in an incorrectly set gap on the device or the appearance of soot and deposits on its electrode. In the second case, cleaning will solve the problem. Also, the absence of a spark can be due to damage or poor contact with the high-voltage wire, malfunction of the distributor or its breakdown.
  2. Reduced compression in the fourth cylinder of the engine. The problem may be related to the coking of the piston rings, therefore, to eliminate the cause, it will be necessary to clean the elements.
  3. Switchgear malfunctioning or cracking on its housing.
  4. Use of low quality fuel. To fix the problem, you need to completely use up gasoline and refuel at another gas station.
  5. Low fuel pressure in the system due to a malfunction or failure of the fuel pump.
  6. Malfunctions or damage to the fuel injector power cable.


Misfire detected as a result of reduced fuel volume. It is necessary to check the fuel level in the gas tank and replenish its volume. Misfire may be due to incorrect operation of the engine control unit.


The rotation speed of the electric fan is too high. The problem may be related to overheating of the power unit and the attempt of the ventilating device to reset its temperature. Therefore, first of all, the user needs to check the coolant for boiling.


Thermostat malfunction. The error may consist in breaking the relationship or opening the control line of the device. If the thermostat is really inoperative, this will cause the motor to overheat.P0598Malfunctioning thermostat. In this case, the user needs to check the wiring, since an error indicates a short circuit to the ground of the control and power cable.


Malfunctioning variable valve lift system. The control unit notes that the natural throttle position has not been reached.


Malfunction of the variable valve lift system – its position does not correspond to the normalized parameters


The error is related to the variable valve lift system, but in this case it indicates an open circuitP1153Literal translation “error adaptation or learning the extreme position of the throttle”

P1160 (1160)

Malfunctioning throttle. It is necessary to test the node for possible sticking mechanism, as well as communication failure.

P1161 (1161)

Throttle position adjustment error. The problem is a short circuit to ground, a voltage source, or a violation of the relationship with the device.

P1163 (1163)

Injector control system malfunctioning. The malfunction lies in the problem of adjusting the delay time of the second nozzle.


Blocking one of the nozzles in the open state


Misfire in the operation of the catalytic system of neutralizationP1327General malfunction code in the ignition system, possible causes:

  • failure of one or more spark plugs due to failure of the device or the appearance of soot on its electrodes;
  • malfunction or damage to high voltage cables;
  • failure of one or more ignition coils, depending on the configuration of the car;
  • malfunction of the distributor – ignition distributor;
  • malfunction of the control unit or software malfunction of the module.

P1336 (1336)

Misfire in one of the cylinders of the power unit, the device number is not markedP1337 (1337)Misfire in the first cylinder of the engine

P1338 (1339)

Misfire in the second cylinder of the power unit

P1339 (1339)

Misfire in the third cylinder of the engine, the problem is related to the influence of the catalytic converterP1340 (1340)Misfire in the fourth cylinder of the power unit

P1351 (1351)

Malfunctioning glow plugs on a diesel engine. The problem may be due to a malfunction of the candle relay.P1385Detonation in the operation of the power unit, possible causes of this problem:

  • knock sensor failure;
  • malfunction of the oxygen controller;
  • the use of low-quality fuel or a low octane number of fuel (for example, the use of gasoline A-92 instead of A-95);
  • clogged fuel filter;
  • malfunction of engine nozzles;
  • restrictions on the operation of the fuel injector;
  • incorrectly selected spark plugs for the motor;
  • problems associated with cooling the power unit;
  • malfunctioning engine control system.


Problems associated with absolute pressure in the collector device. Incorrect correlation or inability to conduct this process with a throttle.


The error can be translated as “lean mixture in the engine cylinders, the fuel balance is disturbed after the catalytic converter”


Throttle Actuator Control Error


Missing minimum throttle position (device could be stuck)


Depleted air-fuel mixture formed in the cylinders of the power unit. It is noted that violations in the formation are recorded at any events, except idling. The problem should be sought in the first bank of the car engine.P2178 (2178)Re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders

P2191 (2191)

The depletion of the air-fuel mixture, which may be due to malfunctions of the oxygen sensors or mass air flow rate, as well as clogged filters. Sometimes the problem lies in the incorrect operation of the control module by the motor.P2192Critically enriched combustible mixture, fixed during engine operation under high load. The problem is observed in the first bank of the power unit.


Re-enrichment of the mixture between the input and output controllers, the problem is the violation of the relationship. If the oxygen sensors are operational, then to fix the problem, you must perform a flashing of the car’s on-board computer.


Error regulating boost pressure. The problem is overheating of the turbocharged unit.


The error is manifested when the nozzle control pressure is critically low, recorded as a result of starter scrolling


Incorrect throttle signal (relevant for Citroen C5 X7 in the back of a hatchback or other version). The display usually shows the service indicator Check (Shek). To remove this error, you will need to replace the node, but first you need to try to adapt.


Throttle Position Error. To throw off a malfunction, it is necessary to check the operation of the mechanism sensor, as well as to re-adapt it. If these steps do not help, the node changes completely.




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