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At Engine Finder, we provide access to trusted engine importers in Durban. Whether you’re looking for a high-performance engine or a cost-effective replacement, these suppliers offer a diverse range of quality used engines for sale in Durban.

From luxury car engines to commercial vehicle motors, these Durban importers with decades of experience in the industry, cater to all your needs. Explore our Hyundai engine importers for specific brand requirements.

Trusted Engine Importers in Durban


Spares Boyz Durban

About Spares Boyz

Spares Boyz has established itself as a top provider of used car parts in South Africa, leveraging over 20 years of industry experience. Known for their unwavering quality and dependability, they offer a comprehensive selection of superior spares for various vehicle brands, including Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW. Their expert team ensures every part offers unmatched value and performance, catering to a wide clientele.


About Samco Engines

Samco Engines, with 7 years in the automotive industry, specializes in importing used and new engines and gearboxes, including a wide selection for bakkies and trucks. They offer top-quality engines and gearboxes, along with replacement parts like sub-assemblies, cylinder heads, and crankshafts.

Their focus is on providing durable, high-quality engines at competitive prices, ensuring customer satisfaction and vehicle reliability through skilled and dedicated service.

Jaco’s Engines

About Jaco’s Engines

JACO’S ENGINEERING cc, established in 1993, is a veteran in the import industry with over twenty years of experience. Their Durban branch offers a diverse selection of automotive parts, including used engines, gearboxes, differentials, complete truck cabins, computer boxes, and cylinder heads. Meanwhile, the Vryheid branch doubles as a center for both new replacement parts and a salvage yard, catering to used engines, gearboxes, and differentials.

They specialize in both retail and wholesale of a broad spectrum of new and used vehicle parts, committed to fulfilling customer-specific requests for certain brands or items.

They also provide a 30-day warranty on all engines, effective from the invoice date, under specific terms and conditions.

Engine Land

About Engine Land

Engine Land, nestled in Durban at 95 Sylvester Ntuli Road, is a premier destination for quality imported engines and gearboxes. Specializing in reliable auto parts for top brands including VW, Audi, and BMW, we offer in-store pickup and shopping for your convenience. Contact for exceptional automotive solutions. Open now to serve your vehicle’s needs with expertise.

DAVES Motor Spares

About Daves Motor Spares

Daves Motor Spares, established in 1960, stands as a beacon in the automotive industry, offering a vast 3000sq meters of gearboxes, engines, spares, and tyres. As leaders in imported engines and gearboxes, they specialize in both auto and manual gearbox repairs, a comprehensive selection of oils and additives, and numerous in-store deals. Their commitment is to deliver quality products at unbeatable prices, with a wide array of parts ready for the South African motor market. 

Quality Import Engines For Sale in Durban

Discovering the perfect engine for your vehicle in Durban is easy with Engine Finder. Our JDM engine importers offer a variety of engines renowned for their quality and performance. Additionally, for those seeking specific makes, our Nissan engine importers provide a wide range of options suitable for various models.

We believe in offering engines that are not only high in quality but also offer great value. Our German engine importers are known for their precision-engineered engines, ideal for those who demand the best in terms of performance and reliability. With Engine Finder, you’re assured of finding engines that are thoroughly vetted and guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Whether you need an engine for a personal project or a commercial vehicle, Engine Finder is your go-to source in Durban. Our extensive network ensures that you find the right engine at the right price, with the assurance of quality and reliability. Visit us today and let us help you find the engine that powers your journey.

Recent Customer Enquiries


What type of engines can I find with Durban importers?

A wide range, including JDM, German, and commercial vehicle engines, catering to various needs and preferences.

How do I verify the quality of engines sourced from Durban?

Choose importers who offer tested and certified engines. Refer to our list of trusted suppliers for verified quality.

Can I find brand-specific engines, like Nissan or Hyundai, in Durban?

Yes, our network includes specialized importers for various brands, offering diverse engine options for different models.

What factors should I consider when selecting an engine importer in Durban?

Look for factors such as reputation, warranty, engine range, and customer service. Our trusted importers list can guide you.

Are performance engines, like those for racing cars, available in Durban?

Definitely, we have importers that specialize in high-performance engines for racing and custom projects.