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Engine Importers Johannesburg Find Quality Import Used Engines For Sale

Discover a world of quality engines with Engine Finder’s engine importers in Johannesburg. Our network includes a vast array of options, from economical to high-performance engines for sale in Johannesburg.

For those seeking Japanese precision, our Japanese car engine importers offer top-notch choices. Plus, explore our largest car importers list for a comprehensive selection, and consider our Toyota engine importers for reliable and durable engine options.

Engine Importers in Johannesburg

engines for africa

About Engines For Africa

With over 27 years of expertise, Engines for Africa is a leading importer of used motor vehicle replacement units from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the UK. Boasting a vast stock of engine parts, including camshafts, crankshafts, and turbochargers, they ensure competitive pricing for their extensive product range.

Their dedicated sales staff, with strong mechanical knowledge, are ready to assist with fitment inquiries. They also facilitate cross-border transactions with police clearance certificate assistance, providing guaranteed petrol and diesel engines.

Rojan Engines

About Rojan Auto 

Rojan Engines and Gearboxes, a leader in South Africa’s automotive industry, specializes in importing second-hand engines and gearboxes. With over 20 years of experience, they are dedicated to providing a wide range of quality, low-mileage pre-loved engines and gearboxes.

Their focus is on ensuring each imported unit meets high standards of quality, cementing their reputation as a trusted supplier in the automotive sector.

John’s Engine & Gearbox

About John’s Engine & Gearbox

John’s Engine and Gearbox specializes in low-mileage imported engines and gearboxes, as well as a wide array of secondhand motor parts, catering to the East Rand Johannesburg area.

Renowned for their top-notch service and broad inventory, including starters, alternators, diffs, radiators, and cylinder heads, they are Boksburg’s leading supplier for both new and used car parts.

With glowing endorsements from satisfied clients, John’s stands as a trusted name in the automotive parts industry, operating with extended hours during the week and half-days on Saturdays​​​​​​​​​​.

Tonmax Engines

About Tonmax Engines

Established in 1999, Tonmax Engines has become a trusted name in South Africa as a family-owned dealer and supplier of used engines and gearboxes. Their reputation for trust, credibility, and transparent business practices is complemented by a commitment to quality, offering warranties on their engines.

Specializing in a variety of car brands, Tonmax Engines caters to customers’ needs across South Africa, ensuring each engine passes a rigorous inspection and compression test before delivery. They serve both trade professionals and individual buyers with their comprehensive stock​

Quality Engines For Sale in Johannesburg

In Johannesburg, Engine Finder is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect engine for sale. Our network ensures you have access to a wide range of engine types, catering to various vehicle models and performance needs. Whether you’re looking for an engine for a daily driver, a commercial vehicle, or a performance car, our selection covers it all.

Our commitment to quality means every engine is vetted for reliability and performance. We understand the importance of having a dependable engine, which is why we only partner with reputable importers. Our selection process ensures that you get the best value, combining quality with competitive pricing.

Visit Engine Finder to explore the variety of engines available in Johannesburg. From fuel-efficient models to high-performance units, we have an engine for every requirement. Trust us to connect you with the best engine importers in Johannesburg for your specific needs.

Recent Customer Enquiries

Brand Engine Size Engine Number City Message
Volkswagen 2.0 BVY077352 Kwekwe Zimbabwe I AM LOOKING FOR THAT ENGINE
Nissan 2.4 Z24008303Y Johannesburg Good dayrnrnWe are looking for a Engine on a Nissan Sani please
Volkswagen 1.4 CAXA66931 Kathu Hi rnrnplease quote on condition and price and delivery time of the said enginernrnregards
Volvo 2.4 Boksburg I need a price on a sump cover/guard
Ford 1.6 liter petrol V0210664256 East London looking for complete second hand engine, London
Hyundai 1.1 pretoria steering reck
Ford 1,4 8S46399 Midrand I'm looking for engen ford fiesta agent
Mercedes Benz C200 W205 27492030446272 Pretoria Gauteng I will like to have a price on a used engine C200 W205 petrol engine.
Volkswagen 2.0 Pretoria Vw caddy maxi 2.0 compleet engine
JMC 2.8l diesel Merthon Motors, Honeydew looking for the steering link ends
Volkswagen 1.4 TSI CTHM00025 Free State looking for a complete second hand engine
Volkswagen AQN022468 Kempton park Caller requested a quote for engine VW Bora, AQN022468, WVWZZZ1JZ3W537523, Kempton park.
Volkswagen 1.4 TSI TIGAUN 4 MOTION SUPERCHARGER CTHM00025 BLOEMFONTEIN Need a Recon engine rnSecondhand engine.
Honda 1.2 L12b32518858 Sandton Hi im looking for complete engine
Hyundai g4naaeu412636 Johannesburg I need a quote for a second hand engine for hyndai ix35 2014 model.
Volkswagen 1,4 CLP149035 Milnerton cape Town The car is starting
Toyota 2.3 petrol Gauteng looking for complete second hand engine
Chrysler 3.3l 4Y140015 Durban North, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4051 Please advise availibility and price for:rn1 Head Gasket set with seals.4rn2 Radiator Hose lowerrn
Toyota 1.6 1NR0279288 Durban Engine
Toyota 2.4 or 2.8 Cape town or Johannesburg Want a price on this engins


What types of engines are available in Johannesburg?

We offer a diverse range, including Japanese, Toyota, and various performance engines, suitable for all vehicle types.

How do I ensure quality when buying an engine in Johannesburg?

Choose from our list of vetted importers who provide reliable, tested engines with a quality guarantee.

Can I find engines for specific car brands in Johannesburg?

Yes, our network includes specialized importers for brands like BMW and various German car engines.

What should I look for in an engine importer in Johannesburg?

Consider factors like reputation, warranty, range of engine types, and customer service. Our trusted list can guide your decision.

Are there options for both economical and performance engines in Johannesburg?

Absolutely, our selection includes both economical options for daily use and high-performance engines for special projects.

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