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Engine Importers Pretoria – Quality Import Engines For Sale

Find the best engine importers in Pretoria with Engine Finder. Our network ensures a diverse selection of import engines for sale, from eco-friendly to high-performance models. Discover unique options with our Japanese car engine importers, and don’t miss the variety offered by our largest car importers. For Toyota enthusiasts, our Toyota engine importers provide reliable choices.

Engine Importers in Pretoria

MYM Auto World

About MYM Auto

MYM Autoworld stands as South Africa’s premier importer of used engines and gearboxes, sourcing from leading auto industries in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Japan. Specializing in wholesale and retail, they offer low mileage, secondhand units nationwide, ensuring quality with direct imports.

Their inventory includes complete engines with essential components and guarantees customer satisfaction with thoroughly tested products. They hold a significant share in the market, providing affordable, reliable automotive solutions with a warranty for peace of mind.

LR Engine Mecca

About LR Engine Mecca

Since 2001, LR Mecca Group has specialized in Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for their customers. Equipped with a full-service workshop, an extensive selection of parts (new and used), and an engineering department, they are adept at resolving any vehicle-related issues.

Through continuous market research, they assure top quality and competitive pricing. With the latest diagnostic tools at their disposal, they stand as adept specialists for these distinguished brands.

engines for africa pretoria branch

About Engines For Africa

With over 27 years of expertise, Engines for Africa is a leading importer of used motor vehicle replacement units from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the UK. Boasting a vast stock of engine parts, including camshafts, crankshafts, and turbochargers, they ensure competitive pricing for their extensive product range.

Their dedicated sales staff, with strong mechanical knowledge, are ready to assist with fitment inquiries. They also facilitate cross-border transactions with police clearance certificate assistance, providing guaranteed petrol and diesel engines.

Home of Engines

About Home of Engines

Home of Engines and Gearboxes has been a cornerstone in the South African motor industry for over four decades, specializing in high-quality, low-mileage petrol and diesel engines and gearboxes. With a diverse range of imported engines and gearboxes from the UK, they offer unparalleled quality in used vehicle parts.

They excel in sourcing and supplying engines and gearboxes for a wide variety of car makes, ensuring each part meets strict quality standards. Their comprehensive service includes rigorous testing and legal importation, ensuring each component adheres to South African regulations.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by a 3-month warranty on all products, cementing their status as a reliable and trustworthy supplier in the industry.

Engines For Sale: Exceptional Choices in Pretoria

Engine Finder brings you closer to the perfect engine match in Pretoria. Whether you own a robust Ford Ranger in need of a powerful Ford engine, or drive a Hyundai i20 with its efficient dynamics requiring a reliable Hyundai engine, we’ve got you covered. Our vast network caters to every vehicle type, ensuring your specific engine needs are met.

If you’re tackling tough terrains in a Isuzu KB-Series, the durability of our Isuzu engines will keep your adventures going. Alternatively, for the off-road enthusiasts driving a Jeep Wrangler, our selection of robust Jeep engines offers the power and resilience you need for any trail. We connect you with a variety of options, each tailored to fit popular vehicle models in South Africa.

Explore Engine Finder’s diverse range of engine suppliers in Pretoria, where quality meets reliability. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive engines that are not only high-performing but also tested for enduring quality.

Recent Customer Enquiries

Brand Engine Size Engine Number City Message
BMW 316 Springd Hi i am looking for a bmw F30 engen 316
Toyota 1600 Springs Hi I'm looking for a toyota twin cam 16valve 1600 engine with gearbox but must be for rear wheel drive can I please get prices for that
Hyundai 1.6 G4CRR419606 Johannesburg 1.6 Elantra j1 engine
Mercedes Benz 200 27186030099470 Cape Town Need complete engine for CGI 200
Mercedes Benz 3500 27296430083582 Cape Town Need complete engine for CLS 350
Hyundai 1600 Jhb Looking for a good low mileage Hyundai Accent engine
Honda 1500 EW21053354 swellendam Looking fon honda engin
Lexus 4GR 4GR-0401182 Johannesburg Good day, rnPlease give me a quote for front stabiliser link assembly for both right and left.rnRegards.rn
Toyota 1.0 1KR0462491 Johanesburg I'm looking for Yaris 3 cylinder 1KR, even if its new second hand. Please get back to me.
Alfa Romeo 156 v6 Ar32401021734 Bloemfontein I sell my car because I no longer need it
Toyota 1600 4am Welkom Im looking for a toyota corolla 1600 cc 20 falve engen
Toyota 2 tr vvti 2.7 polokwane complete engine of 2.7 vvti 2tr
Volkswagen 1800 Johannesburg please quote
Volkswagen 1.8T AGU Cape Town Im looking for the AGU Golf 4 GTI 1.8T engine
Volkswagen 1600 HM202126 Kensington Looking for a replacement engine
Chery 2.0 LVVDC14B98D056958 Johannesburg I need complete engine chery j5 2010
Tata Bvcxdfvbhb
Ford 1.0 FD71319 DURBAN 3CYL Ecoboost engine 1.0L 2015
Chevrolet F16D3 Johannesburg Looking for a complete F16D3 engine in working condition.
Volkswagen 1.6 CAYN83769 Mafikeng Looking for engine for jetta6 1.6tdi


What types of engines can I find in Pretoria?

From Japanese and Honda engines to a variety of performance engines, we offer options for all vehicle types and needs.

How do I ensure I get a reliable engine in Pretoria?

Choose from our list of vetted importers who provide tested and certified engines for quality assurance.

Are there brand-specific engine importers in Pretoria?

Yes, our network includes specialized importers for brands like Landrover and various BMW car engines.

What should I consider when selecting an engine importer in Pretoria?

Look for factors such as reputation, warranty, engine variety, and customer service. Our trusted list can guide you.

Can I find both economical and high-performance engines in Pretoria?

Definitely, our selection includes economical options for daily use and high-performance engines for special projects.

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