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Audi A3 2.0FSi BLY / BLR / BLX Engine Specs

Specification Details
Fuel Type Petrol
Displacement 1984 cc
Valvetrain DOHC
No. of valves 16
Power Output in KW 110 KW
Torque Output 200 Nm
Bore x Stroke 82.5 mm x 92.8 mm
Compression Ratio 10.5:1

Audi A3 2.0FSi BLY / BLR / BLX Engine FAQ

Finding a good engine for your car is hard, and you can't always trust what sellers say.

We have found that many engines on sale are not in the best condition. This means they will cause more problems than they solve. Don't waste money on bad engines!

Engine Finder offers you a way to find out exactly how reliable an engine is before buying it. You can use our free service to get quick quotes from trusted suppliers all over South Africa, or contact us directly if you want something specific.

Common Causes For Car Engine Failure

Cars are very expensive investments, this is why it is important to understand the importance of car maintenance. It helps extend the life of your vehicle and avoid hiccups like engine failure.

There are many causes for car engine failure; three common causes are listed below:

The most common cause for car engine failure by far is lack of proper maintenance. Not changing your oil or filter, not checking tire pressure or other fluids, not replacing worn out parts can lead to low performance and running problems which may ultimately lead to total engine failure if left unaddressed. Many people will neglect their vehicles because they do not want to shell out the cash for repairs early on in its life cycle but neglect your vehicle can be quite costly. Ignoring the signs that your vehicle may need attention will lead to greater expense later on. So it is recommended that you have your car serviced every 5,000 kilometers or every 6 months for example.

Another large cause of engine failure is overheating due to cooling system issues. The cooling system in a car generally consists of hoses, pump, radiator and thermostat which are responsible for maintaining an optimum temperature level inside the engine so that it can continue running smoothly without breaking down. If any part of this cooling system malfunctions then overheating can occur quickly since heat rises rapidly within an enclosed space like an engine and this heat build up will eventually destroy the engine if the issue is not resolved quickly enough.

It is also very important to regularly check the drive belt tension. A severely damaged or loose drive belt can lead to overheating if it breaks. If your car starts making unusual noises like howling, screeches etc then this should be checked immediately since it could mean that your drive belt is loose.

Please make sure not to ignore any warning signs; there are always early indicators for issues with your vehicle even though these may be less obvious than engine failure symptoms which occur later on in most cases. Having routine service checks will allow you to avoid problems before they become major expenses for you down the line.


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