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    Looking a used Audi A4 1.8 ADR Engine for sale?

    Buying a used Audi engine can be a hassle. You have to contact multiple suppliers, get quotes and then sort through them all.

    Engine Finder makes it easy for you to find the cheapest price on an Audi engine by getting quotes from our extensive network of trusted suppliers in South Africa. We save you time and money!

    Submit the enquiry form or call us and we?ll connect you with our network of trusted dealers who import used engines from Japan, USA, UK & Europe. We’ll help you buy your next audi engine online!

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    Audi ADR Engine Specs

    Have you ever thought about finding a 1.8 ADR engine for sale ?

    Engine Finder can help you find one quickly and easily.

    Common causes of 1.8ADR engine failure:

    1) Fuel problems ?? clogged injectors, faulty pumps or lines/filters, fuel filter blocked or faulty, leaky gas caps that allow evaporated fuel to escape into the atmosphere instead of being burned in the engine.

    2) Water in fuel - Water can pool at the bottom of your gas tank if it's not sealed properly. If enough water enters your 1.8 ADR engine, it can cause extensive internal damage before you even notice anything is wrong with your car.

    3) Faulty spark plugs - 1.8 ADR engines run best when spark plugs are in perfect working order. If 1 or more of your 1.8 ADR engine's spark plugs isn't firing properly, you won't get the full power and performance that your car is capable of.

    How can Engine Finder help?

    Engine Finder can match you with 1.8 ADR engine suppliers all over South Africa.

    Complete your search by filling out our enquiry form or calling us today on 087 135 2226 Mon Fri.

    Factory markingsADR
    Engine power92 kW / 125 HP
    Engine volume1781 ccÂ?cm.
    Number of cylinders4 pieces
    Number of valves20 pieces
    Engine ManufacturerAudi
    Compression ratio10.3 to 1
    Torque173 Nm
    Cylinder diameter81 mm
    Piston stroke86.4 mm
    Root supports5 items
    Combustion chamber working volume43.23 ccÂ?cm.
    Power Index70 h.p.Â?for 1 liter (1000 cc) volume

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