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    Looking a used Audi A4 2.0 ALT Engine for sale?

    We all know that finding a scrap engine for your car can be incredibly frustrating.

    You have to find the right supplier, contact them and get multiple quotes before you can buy any parts. This process is time consuming and expensive.

    Engine Finder makes it easy to find a good quality used engine for your vehicle in South Africa. Just fill out this form or call us on 087 1352226 and we will connect you with our network of trusted suppliers who will give you competitive prices based on their stock availability. It’s free!

    Instantly contact our large network of engine suppliers!

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    More Info

    Audi ALT Engine Specs

    Factory markingsALT
    Engine power96 kW / 130 HP
    Engine volume1984 ccÂ?cm.
    Number of cylinders4 pieces
    Number of valves20 pieces
    Engine ManufacturerAudi
    Compression ratio10.3 to 1
    Cylinder diameter82.5 mm
    Piston stroke92.8 mm
    Root supports5 items
    Combustion chamber working volume48.16 ccÂ?cm.
    Power Index66 h.p.Â?for 1 liter (1000 cc) volume
    Many people are in the market for used Audi A4 2.0 ALT engines, but don't know how to locate them. Are you one of those people? Has your Audi A4 2.0 ALT engine blown up due to lack of maintenance or because it wasn't working properly? It happens all too often that owners don't realise they need to regularly maintain their vehicle's engine until it's too late and an accident has happened. Then there is no other option than having to replace the entire car engine .

    Engine failure can be caused by various different reasons - problems with the manufacturing process, neglecting regular servicing, not replacing parts when they wear out or break, sudden problems that develop from nowhere because of a lack of proper maintenance.

    Engine failure can be a costly business and does not necessarily mean the engine is irreparable. We all know how frustrating it can be when your car breaks down because of a malfunctioning engine . It's even worse if you realise only after the breakdown that the part has to go back to Audi for repairs. A dead end road - unless.... Enginefinder has over 500 used engines in stock at any given time, sourced from South Africa's leading suppliers. You are free to search our website for available Audi A4 2.0 ALT engines and contact the supplier directly for a quote on the engine that suits your needs best.

    You can either purchase a complete Audi A4 2.0 ALT Engine or just certain parts of it - whatever suits you. Enginefinder offers Engine Reconditioning & Rebuilds on all our used engines as well as custom Engine Building services on any engine you might have available, so if you've acquired a new car engine/block from a junk yard or online auction site, we will gladly work with what you have to build your perfect custom engine!

    Enginefinder has over 500 Audi A4 2.0 ALT Engines available throughout South African regions such as Gaborone, Kimberley , East London, Port Elizabeth , Polokwane, Pretoria , Nelspruit, Witbank. Enginefinder also offers Engine Removal and Engine Disposal services throughout South Africa's major cities such as Cape Town .

    Engine Finder is a newly established business that has been operating since 2016. We have a large network of suppliers who supply us with used engines to offer our customers. Engine Finder also Dispose of Engines for destruction or Disposal purposes.

    Enginefinder currently operates from Gauteng but we are planning expansion into Durban soon! You can submit your contact details into our enquiry form or call us on 087 135 2226 Mon Fri.

    Call Us! (Mon - Fri) 8am - 5pm