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    Looking a used BMW 320i E46 (M54B22) Engine for sale?

    Most people are looking for a quality used engine, but it can be difficult to find the right supplier. We all know that finding the right engine is important because you want your car back on the road as soon as possible.

    Engine Finder makes it easy to find a trusted company with competitive prices so that you can get back on the road quickly. Our network of suppliers provides quotes instantly so you don’t have to wait around contacting each one individually. Just fill out our form and start receiving quotes today!

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    More Info

    The junior engine of the M54 series (which also included the M54B25 , M54B30 and S54B32 ) is an evolution of the M52TUB20, in which the crankshaft was replaced with a new cast-iron one with a stroke of 72 mm (formerly 66 mm), light pistons were installed, and 145 mm modified forged connecting rods , the block of cylinders remained old, aluminum with cast-iron sleeves, from M52TU.

    The cylinder head is similar to the M52TU with a Double VANOS, the intake manifold has changed, it is now slightly shorter with larger channels, the control system has been replaced by Siemens MS43 and Siemens MS45 (Siemens MS45.1 for US), and an electronic throttle valve with a diameter of 62 mm has been used. This motor was used on BMW cars with an index of 20i. The M54B22 engine was used until 2006, after which it was discontinued and replaced with the four-cylinder N43B20. In the new N52 series in-line sixes, which replaced the M54, the low-capacity unit was no longer there.

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