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    Find A Used BMW E46 330i (M54B30) Engine For Sale For Sale

    Finding a quality used BMW engine is not easy. We understand that you need to find an affordable replacement for your car as quickly as possible. We also know that you want the best possible price for this part and we will do our very best to help with this!

    There are 100’s of suppliers out there, but unfortunately not all of them sell high-quality engines at good prices. It can be frustrating and time consuming contacting each supplier individually to get quotes or information about their products.

    This is where we come in! By using our service, you can immediately receive multiple quotes from different suppliers so that you can compare prices and quality easily without having to contact each individual business separately yourself!

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    The oldest model in the engine range of the 54th series (which also includes the M54B22, M54B25 and S54B32), developed on the basis of the M52TUB28 engine. The cylinder block remained unchanged, aluminum with cast-iron sleeves, a new crankshaft, steel with a stroke of 89.6 mm, new and connecting rods (length 135 mm), pistons changed, now they are lightweight. Compression piston height 28.32 mm. The cylinder head of the old two-channel with a new wide-channel intake manifold DISA, which differs from the M54B22 and M54B25 even shorter channels (-20 mm from the M52TU). Camshafts have changed, now it is 240/244 lift 9.7 / 9, new injectors, electronic throttle, control system Siemens MS43 / Siemens MS45 (Siemens MS45.1 for US). The M54B30 engine was used on BMW cars with a 30i index. In 2004, BMW introduced a new series of inline sixes N52 and the 3-liter M54B30 was gradually giving way to a new motor,N52B30, with the same working volume.?The generation change process was finally completed in 2006. In the same year, on the basis of the M54, a new powerful turbocharged engine N54?was developed, which gained immense popularity on cars with an index of 35i.

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