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    Engine Finder is an online engine locating service for South Africa. We find used BMW engines from importers and scrap yards in South Africa that meet all our quality standards, taking away the hard work of you as a buyer. Saving time and hassle as well as making it easy to locate engines by post code or part number. If you want a good deal on a second-hand BMW engine, look no further.

    The inline-6-cylinder M57D25 (M57D30 in the X5 and E53 X3) is a 2,494 cc diesel engine produced by BMW from 2001 through 2003. It was derived from the previous M51/M52/M50 and was intended for use in high-end sedans. The M57 shares a cylinder spacing and 80% of its parts with the previous M50 (2,493 cc), therefore only changes to the crankcase, pistons, connecting rods and turbochargers were necessary to comply with the Euro IV emissions standards.

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