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    Looking a used BMW N43B16 Engine for sale?

    We make it easy to find used BMW engines for sale from a network of engine importers and scrap yards in South Africa. We take care of all the calls, e-mails and searching on the Internet for you. Select the best quote and get delivery quotes from a number of suppliers to save time. Choose from hundreds of recycled BMW parts available too!

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    More Info

    The BMW N43 engine is a four-cylinder, 16 valve petrol engine. It was launched alongside the larger six-cylinder N54 in February 2006. The N43 features both direct injection and twin-scroll turbocharging (the first application of this technology on a BMW petrol engine) and has been named World Engine of the Year three times. It has more power and torque than its predecessor, yet uses less fuel than before, due to the twin-scroll turbocharger reducing turbo lag at low power levels.

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