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    Looking a used BMW N62B36 Engine for sale?

    This website provides a way for you to contact the engine importers and scrap yards in South Africa and request quotes for your project. It makes it fast and easy to find the parts you need – just fill out our form, attach a picture of your BMW engine or part that needs replacing, and all the relevant details will be sent out to trusted suppliers. You can then choose the best quote, organise delivery to anywhere in South Africa, and get the job done as quickly as possible. Contact us if you need help with anything.”

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    More Info

    The N62B36 is a member of the BMW N62 engine family. It is a 3.69 liter (225 cu in) straight-6 SOHC 16-valve high-performance engine built by M Division under the direction of Friedrich Nitschke, which replaced the 6-cylinder M62TU and continued in production until 2006.

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