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    Looking a used Ford EYDC Engine for sale?

    Getting a quote for a used Ford engine is easy, but finding the best deal on a quality used Ford engine can be time consuming.

    We found that getting quotes from multiple scrap yards and importing companies can take days of your time! Every company has their own way of quoting you. Some will only send you an e-mail with some basic info about the price while others require you to fill out forms or call them on the phone. It?s also hard to compare prices between companies because they don?t use consistent units when quoting price per kilogramme or part number etc?

    Engine Finder was created by car enthusiasts in South Africa who wanted to make it easier for people like us to find great deals on replacement engines quickly and easily without all the hassle of calling around different places trying to get quotes. Our team has been sourcing second hand motors since 2002 so we know how important it is that our customers are happy with what they receive

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