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    5 Faulty Engine Parts That Can Lead To Engine Failure
    The automotive engines are amongst the most complex parts of a vehicle. It has over 20 different components working together in perfect harmony to produce motion which should be first not interrupted by any faulty part and second can be handled safely. But the engine is so complicated that it's built up of many small parts and if one of those is not working properly it can cause big problems to you and consequences can be very serious as well. So let's check out what those faulty parts may be:

    1. Ignition coil

    Ignition Coil works with spark plugs ? every time when they fire the power will through this component before reaching spark plugs. The power is created by car battery but under high voltage and it will give the boost to start up the car engine. One of the problems with ignition coils is that they can go bad due to moisture or humidity which can cause spark plugs misfires, poor performance and check engine light warning as well.

    2. Mass air flow sensor

    Mass Air Flow Sensor measures amount of airflow which comes into your engine besides other things including fuel injections quantity which should be provided accordingly. When this part goes faulty you might face rough idling problem, hesitation while driving, stalls in between acceleration process, stalling at red traffic light etc. Good news is that it's relatively easier to replace because it doesn't require special tools for example ultrasonic cleaner to clean its parts if they are dirty because of the dust or any other reason.

    3. Fuel injectors

    Fuel injectors create even pressure which is created in fuel rail and distributed to each cylinder in order for an engine to run smoothly at optimal level. If something goes wrong with it you might face stalling, poor acceleration performance, poor mileage etc. So it's important that this part should be checked once in a while especially when it starts acting up by giving check engine light warning on dashboard which means there is something wrong with your car engine. However do not worry much about it because it can be easily replaced but make sure that new one has same specifications like old one had like amount of petrol used to provide the power to the engine, pressure etc.

    4. Water pump

    Water Pump works with timing belt to provide water inside the engine so it can remain cool enough even during high temperature conditions which are rather normal nowadays because of harmful gases in the atmosphere. So if this part fails you might face overheating problem, experiencing rough idle within low RPM or misfire according to how bad is the damage caused by faulty water pump.

    5. Timing belt

    Timing Belt ensures that your car engine provides power for its parts including pistons at exact time when they need to move up and down or spin at specific speed which is precisely timed by crankshaft pulley, camshaft sprockets etc. It a very sensitive part but not complicated and not very expensive as well when it is replaced by professional mechanic. So it is advised that you should check the timing belt regularly yourself in order to avoid any car engine failure which can bring some serious consequences like breakdown on your way or low performance etc.

    These are some faulty parts which can lead to car engine failure but they don't always cause problems, most of the time we try to forget about scheduled maintenance and we leave our cars unattended for months and years which can be very harmful in long run especially if we didn't take care of its parts like replacement of spark plugs and air filter or checking up water pump and so on. But these things can be easily done at home with little knowledge about car engine because they are nowhere near robots who work only under certain conditions. That's enough of professional talk, now it is time to conclude what was said here today about 5 faulty engine parts which can lead to car engine failure.

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