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    4 Signs That Your Engine May Need Replacement

    As your car gets older, it's inevitable that there will be some wear and tear. However, if you know what to look for, you can save yourself money by being proactive about servicing problems before they cause severe damage. There are four warning signs that indicate an engine replacement may soon be required:

    1. Increased Exhaust Smoke

    An increase in the amount of visible exhaust smoke is a sign of trouble below the hood. The two main causes are oil burning through worn valve seals or carbon buildup combined with fuel vaporization inside the engine. If this is not corrected soon, further issues can develop due to overheating or contamination from oil seepage into other parts of the engine like pistons or cylinders. For these reasons it's important to take note of the color and opacity of smoke coming from your exhaust as well as its smell.

    2. Knocking Noises

    Noise is a very good indicator that something is wrong with your engine, as there are many loud noises which can be heard when an engine begins to fail. A knocking noise generally signifies a bent rod or piston - something beyond basic servicing to fix. Other signs include grinding or whining sounds, though these may also indicate transmission problems rather than those directly related to the engine. At this stage it's best to consult a mechanic before anything gets out of hand.

    3. Lack Of Power

    A drop in performance is another telltale sign that all is not well under the hood of your car. What may have once been a smooth acceleration can become problematic as engines lose their ability to perform efficiently. Note any changes in the way your vehicle handles and experiences bumps. Be alert if there is an apparent decrease in power or torque available at lower speeds, which could either be due to not using enough oil or having issues with the transmission.

    4. Decrease In Gas Mileage

    Gas mileage indicates just how much fuel is being used by your car for normal operation over long distances. A decrease in gas mileage may be indicative that regular servicing isn't taking place, or that something is preventing the engine from running at peak performance level - again, carbon build up inside the engine contributes significantly here, as it insulates parts spark plugs and reduces efficiency of combustion.

    In Conclusion

    The above information is not to be copied verbatim. This article is a guide only and should not be taken as professional advice on when exactly an engine replacement may be required. It's important that you always check everything with a qualified mechanic in order to avoid any additional or surprise costs.

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