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    4 Signs That Your Engine May Need Replacement
    When your car is experiencing problems with its engine, it could be due to a number of reasons. If your engine is older or has a high mileage, you might just have to get it replaced. However, there can be other reasons that may lead you to believe your engine needs replacement even if the car itself is in good condition. Here are four signs that could indicate you need a new engine for your vehicle:

    1) Oil consumption

    One of the most common problems with engines is oil consumption. In some cases, it's due to leaks from aging seals and gaskets, but in most instances it's because the piston rings and cylinders aren't sealing properly anymore. When this happens, you end up losing too much oil between changes and once it hits qts. below capacity (1 qt. every oil change), it's time to replace the engine. If you start noticing that your engine consumes too much oil, then chances are, replacing the car's engine would be more economical than continually adding to its maintenance costs.

    2) Misfires

    A misfire is when one or more of the cylinders in your vehicle aren't firing properly because there isn't enough spark or fuel to ignite the air mixture. This can cause a loss of power which can make your ride feel sluggish and unstable at times (one moment it has lots of power but seconds later it dies out). A misfire could also be accompanied by other symptoms like poor gas mileage, excessive exhaust smoke and an erratic idle.

    3) Engine oil leaks

    There are three kinds of engine oil leaks - major, minor and slow. A major leak is one that will cause your engine to completely lose compression in a short span of time because it's not being properly lubricated. A minor engine oil leakage on the other hand can take longer before any significant damage occurs, but it can still lead to loss in compression eventually. Slow leaks are small drops or puddles forming underneath your vehicle after every use; these are harder to spot because they occur over time instead of immediately like the other two types of leaks do. Every type should be taken seriously however as even the smallest ones could lead to bigger problems later down road (and obviously more cost in the long run).

    4) Strange noises

    An engine in good condition should have no external rattles or unusual sounds. So if you start hearing weird noises coming out from under the hood, you might want to visit a mechanic to check it out right away even if there are no other signs of problems yet. You might end up saving yourself some money by getting them fixed early before they turn into more serious issues down the road that would require an engine replacement anyway. Engine Problems? Find Your Used Honda Engine With Engine Finder!

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