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ISUZU 4JG2-T 3.0 Engine Specs

Specification Details
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement 3.1 L (3059 cc)
Valvetrain OHV
No. of valves 8
Power Output in KW 96 KW
Torque Output 245 Nm
Bore x Stroke 95.4 mm x 107 mm
Compression Ratio 17.5:1

ISUZU 4JG2-T 3.0 Engine FAQ

4 Signs That Your Diesel Engine May Need Replacement

When your vehicle is experiencing problems with its engine, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here are four important signs that your diesel engine may need replacement.

1) Consumption of Oil

One telltale sign that your engine needs to be replaced is an excess consumption of oil. If you find yourself having to add oil every few weeks, this could mean there is an issue with the crankshaft seal or rods bearing.

2) Difficulty Starting Your Vehicle

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to start your vehicle? This can be a result of problems with the fuel pump, camshaft position sensor, and other related issues. Get your diesel engine replaced as soon as possible if this happens. You should also consider replacing the starter motor assembly because it could have been corroded from the combination of moisture and gas fumes.

3) Engine Problems Starting

Another sign that your vehicle may need a new engine is if it experiences problems starting. This is often a result of an issue with the ignition coil, starter, and related components.

4) Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

If your diesel engine has issued diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), this indicates you need to replace the engine as soon as possible. The most common of these codes include: P0300, P0308, and P0332.

The above information acts as guide only and you should always check everything with a qualified mechanic. Engine Problems? Find Your Used ISUZU Engine With Engine Finder!


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