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    Looking a used ISUZU KB200 2.0 carb engine for sale?

    You need a new engine, but you don’t know where to start.

    We get it. Finding an engine for your ISUZU can be hard. There are so many options out there and each option comes with its own set of problems. For example, you could buy an entire car or truck that still has life in the body, but not in the engine? Or maybe you want to pay someone else to find the right ISUZU parts for you? Either way, it’s expensive and time consuming. Engine Finder can help! With our free service we will connect you with local South African scrap yards and dealers who have used engines for your ISUZU model on hand at great prices!

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    4 Signs That Your Diesel Engine May Need Replacement

    When your vehicle is experiencing problems with its engine, it could be due to a number of reasons. While the exact cause may not be clear, here are some signs that can help indicate your engine's condition.

    1) Hard Starts - An engine is tough enough to start even when it is cold out. If it has to struggle just too hard before it starts, then there is something wrong with it. A car should start up smoothly at all times, especially since you have invested in a diesel vehicle for its great running capabilities.

    2) Smoke -

    When diesel fuel burns inside an engine, a certain amount of smoke will come out from the tailpipe. However, if your vehicle becomes kind of smoky when idling or during regular driving it could mean that something is clogging up your combustion chamber and burning exhaust.

    3) Stalling -

    If your vehicle stalls at traffic lights, it could indicate serious trouble. This means that the fuel supply to your engine is getting cut off and one of the first parts to be affected is the air compression system.

    4) Strange Noises -

    When you hear strange sounds coming from your engine, it could indicate a problem with any one of its many components. Damaged parts such as valves and gears can cause very unpleasant sounds that may come and go on their own.

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