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    Buying a used car with an engine problem is stressful.

    You don’t want to buy a lemon, but you can’t afford to spend thousands of rands on repairs either.

    Engine Finder makes it easy for you to find the best price and most reliable place in South Africa when buying used engines. We have access to over 30+ scrapyards all over South Africa that are able to supply engines at very competitive prices. Our service is free and we will get quotes from multiple suppliers so that you can choose the best deal!

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    4 Signs That Your Diesel Engine May Need Replacement

    When your vehicle is experiencing problems with its engine, it could be due to a number of reasons. However, there are certain signs that can help you identify if your engine needs replacement. If within the warranty period, the problem is covered by the manufacturer, but after it expires it is best to get a new diesel engine installed.

    Here are four signs that may indicate your car needs an engine replacement:

    1. Low oil pressure

    If your engine oil light starts to flicker, it means that the oil pressure is low. It could also be because of an issue with the sensor. The main reason for this may be that your piston rings are no longer working properly. As a result, pressurized oil leaks out - which gives rise to reduced oil pressure.

    If you are experiencing problems with low oil pressure, chances are your diesel engine requires replacement .

    2. Smoking

    When the oxygen sensors installed in your car detect high levels of contaminants or fuel being injected into the combustion chambers, it results in smoky exhaust fumes discharged from the tailpipe. If you notice smoke coming out of the car's exhaust pipe when you start up your vehicle, it is a sign that the engine may require replacement.

    3. Strange noises and vibrations

    Another indication of possible problems in your car's engine is strange noises and vibrations coming from the engine or under the hood. These could be signs that there are loose parts inside, such as valve springs and spark plugs. There could also be other issues with your vehicle's internal components such as bearings, piston rings, cylinder walls and piston heads. This indicates serious damage to the diesel engine and requires emergency replacement .

    4. Loss of power

    If your car is having trouble accelerating, you are experiencing jerking motions while shifting gears or have issues with the engine stalling frequently, it means that there are problems in the powertrain. This may be because of a damaged turbocharger or an incorrect fuel-air ratio which causes rough running of the engine. Such problems indicate bad wear on components and may require replacement .

    How to know if your diesel engine needs replacement?

    It is not easy to determine whether your car's engine requires replacement or not. If you suspect any of the above symptoms, make sure to get them checked by a certified mechanic who can diagnose the actual problem. Once you get confirmation about what really needs to be fixed on your engine, you can either opt for an engine replacement or seek a warranty from the dealership.

    If your diesel engine is out of warranty and requires a new one, it may be a good idea to get a quality used ISUZU diesel engine with low mileage installed in your car instead of buying a new car altogether. It will save you money and also extend the life of your vehicle by another few years!

    Get Your Engine Replaced ASAP

    While minor issues can sometimes be fixed at home itself without involving too much expense, other problems require professional help. If not taken care of immediately, they might damage other parts in your car's engine resulting in even more extensive repairs that may end up costing you an arm and a leg.

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