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    Looking a used Mazda 1.6 Z6 Engine for sale?

    You already know how important it is to source a reputable supplier – that’s why you’re here. Let Engine Finder help you get quotes from multiple trusted suppliers. Compare prices. Large network of Mazda scrapyards and engine importers throughout South Africa. Save time and money. Whether you are looking for used engines, rebuilt engines or imported engines we can help! Our trusted suppliers have many more Mazda engines for sale. If you looking for Mazda spares then we can help you source them too!

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    Instantly contact our large network of engine suppliers!

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    5 Common car engine problems.
    Car manufacturers recommend that engine oil be changed every three to six months or every 3,000 miles. Imagine sitting in a cold car idling the engine for five minutes before driving it - this would probably cause sludge build-up and result in poor gas mileage.

    In addition, most cars have a maintenance minder light which is activated after a certain number of ignition cycles once the car has been started. This indicates that a routine service is due and should be carried out as soon as possible so as not to damage your car's engine. Faulty spark plugs can cause problems with starting up your car especially during colder weather when there is more condensation inside the cylinders. The engine may also misfire leading to bad fuel economy and lose of power.

    Faulty fuel injectors can lead to the car stalling frequently when driving. This problem is often confused with a faulty ignition coil which requires replacement of all three coils at the same time.

    Poor compression in one or more cylinders can result in poor engine performance or loss of power during acceleration, particularly when climbing hills. Engine noise may also be louder than usual and cause vibrations in the car's bodywork. A visible cloud of blue smoke coming out the exhaust pipe could signify that your engine is burning oil, usually caused by worn valve stem seals, piston rings or cylinder bores.

    Engine Finder can help, with finding used Mazda engines for sale.

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