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    7 Things To Check When Buying A used car engine

    Oil Quality Check

    The oil in your engine will tell you how well it is running and whether or not there are any problems. The condition of the oil is very important; if the oil shows signs of water contamination then this could be due to a head gasket problem. You can discern whether or not this might be the case by checking to see if there are small bubbles in the oil, which signify that it is water contaminated. These bubbles will also show up when you remove the dipstick from your car engine.

    Borescope Inspection Camera

    A borescope is an essential tool for any mechanic that works on vehicles every day. It's basically a camera that has been fitted into a very long flexible tube and can allow you to look through tiny holes and view tiny components inside the engine; such as cylinders and pistons among others. If these come out as discoloured then more than likely they need replacing as well as other parts of the engine like bearings and bushings.

    Coolant Check

    You will be able to tell if the engine has certain fluids that are being circulated through it, in this case you're looking for coolant. If there is any sign of water contamination in the radiator then your engine might have head gasket problems which means it needs replacing.

    Spark Plug Inspection

    The spark plugs can show you signs of misfiring or other issues within the combustion chamber, so check these carefully. Spark plugs are quite cheap to replace but they are located in awkward places on engines, simply disconnect them from their wire harnesses and place each one into a plastic bag along with the socket wrench that was used to remove it. You should then take them down to your local automotive store and compare them to brand new ones; if the gap is different then this will tell you that they need replacing.

    Compression Testing

    Compression testing involves using a compression tester, simply attach it to each spark plug and turn your engine over. You should expect each cylinder to produce at least 160 PSI of pressure within it, but you can get more accurate figures by looking up the specific model of car engine on the manufacturer's website. If there are any cylinders which don't meet these standards or fail entirely then this means that your engine needs replacing as well as other components like pistons and bearings because they will be damaged too.

    Leak-down Testing

    Leaks down test determines how much air has leaked into an engine though these tiny sized openings. It's also known as an air leak test and you will need to attach a hand pump to create the pressure that is needed for this test. Once the engine has cooled down, take each spark plug out of its cylinder and attach it to the tester; there should be no leaks at all if everything is running smoothly.

    Basic Engine Inspection

    Here you want to take note of any signs of damage or corrosion around your car engine, this includes rusted bolts and valve caps as well as oil leakage from places like the crank case or cam shaft area. You can determine where exactly these drops are coming from by using a drip tray underneath the engine so that nothing ends up on your garage floor. If you notice any wear and tear and feel like the engine is running roughly then you should replace it as soon as possible.

    Engine Finder can help by connecting you to wide network of Mazda engine suppliers and importers in South Africa.

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