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    Looking a used Mazda 626 2.0 Fs Distributor Engine for sale?

    Finding quality used Mazda engines for sale can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

    Most of the scrap yards and dealers that import engines into South Africa are not online, which means you have to spend hours calling around trying to find them. And even if you do manage to track down the right people, they usually only sell new or remanufactured parts. This is because there’s no easy way for them to reach out directly to thousands of potential customers like us do with our website enginefinder

    We’ve made it incredibly easy for anyone in South Africa looking for quality used Mazda engines or other spares from any make/model car/truck/motorcycle etc…to connect with our large network of importers and suppliers via an intuitive interface on our website at . Simply enter your vehicle model details (make & model), contact information, including price range & delivery location preferences then click “Get Prices”.

    Instantly contact our large network of engine suppliers!

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    4 Things To Check When Buying A used car engine

    Oil Quality Check

    When having the engine on a stand you can check for oil quality. If it has been running then there is no way to tell if the oil is good or not. It is best to have everything off of it that you can, including remove the valve covers so that they are out of the way. You should be able to easily see how dark or dirty the oil is. The darker and dirtier it appears means it's time to change it.

    Compression Testing

    This test will determine the amount of power in an engine by measuring how much pressure is being exerted when all cylinders are at working capacity with no exhaust. What you need for this is at least 3 compression tester's. They are not that expensive but you do need to have them on hand before buying the engine or else there will be no way for you to test it.

    Leak-down Test

    A leak-down test will tell you how many leaks might be in the cylinders of the engine, which can cause some major problems later down on its life. The first thing you have to do is remove all spark plugs and then attach your tester unit. Then crank it over with the starter motor steadily for at least 5 minutes without re-installing any spark plugs. If more than 15% of your units are leaking than you might want to think about buying another engine or take it somewhere for repairs.

    Basic Inspection

    The first thing to do is remove everything including the head and even take out all of the valves. Then check for any chips, cracks, bends and other damages on all parts of the engines. Next you should check if there are any broken parts within the block such as loose piston rods, cracked castings and so on.


    Please note the above information acts as guide only and you should always check everything with a qualified mechanic.

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