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    Looking a used Mazda 626 2.0 Fs Engine for sale?

    Finding a quality used Mazda engine can be very difficult.

    Because of the high demand for quality used engines, it’s not uncommon to find dealers who sell you broken, dirty or even stolen parts. This is extremely frustrating because you spend your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work and now have to pay someone else again to fix it!

    Engine Finder will help you find a good-quality used Mazda engine in South Africa quickly and easily. Our extensive network of car part importers means we can offer prices up to 40% below market value – guaranteed! We’re here Mon-Fri so call us on 087 135 2226 for fast service with no hidden fees.

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    5 Things To Check When Buying A used car engine
    Every second car owner/driver that is thinking about buying a used car knows the importance of getting it checked by an expert. Whilst this seems like common sense, there are things that can't be spotted unless you're trained to do so. Here's 5 of them;

    Oil Quality Check

    While new engines come with all sorts of sensors, mechanisms and filters designed to monitor oil quality, their effectiveness diminishes over time. A lot depends on the care your engine gets (regular changes of oil at predetermined intervals), but even if you keep up with that stuff, old age can still take its toll. As if dirty or old oil wasn't bad enough, moisture left in the oil also contributes considerably corrosion inside the engine. This is why you should always buy a used car with completely drained oil. This will save you the trouble of having to change it again too soon, and give you time for an oil sample check which is necessary if the engine has been run on low or irregular quality oil.

    Spark Plug Inspection

    Most people know that spark plugs are designed to ignite fuel inside the combustion chamber by sending electrical charge through them. The reason they need replacing is because after prolonged use they become clogged up with carbon deposits which prevent the right amount of voltage making its way through. Not only can this damage your vehicle's performance, but it puts your safety at risk as well. For this reason, it's important to check the condition of your used car's spark plugs.

    Compression Testing

    All four-stroke engines are powered by a mixture of air and petrol vaporized inside the cylinders. For this mixture to ignite properly, internal pressure needs to reach over 15 psi (pounds per square inch). Higher pressure means more power which is why most modern engines have high compression ratios. If you can't find any information about the specific model you're looking at, then try checking its compression ratio which can be determined using a leak-down tester . The lower number represents the least amount of pressure that could be reached with all cylinders working perfectly, while anything less than 80% shows that inevitable wear has taken place. Leak-down testing can't tell you why that wear has occurred, but it's an excellent indicator of the overall condition of the engine.

    Basic Engine Inspection

    All engines have general wear and tear issues which need to be checked, even if they are brand new or recently serviced. If you're buying a used car from a dealer , ask them to give you the number of kilometres on the odometer . If it's more than 80,000 km then make sure everything has been serviced by qualified mechanics who know what they're doing. Ask about oil leaks which tend to get worse over time, excessive knocking or clattering sounds that might indicate serious internal damage, sticky stuff coming out of any holes in the exhaust etc. These are relatively common issues, but they need to be addressed.

    Leak-down testin

    Leak-down testing is used to measure the percentage of air in the cylinders after the engine has been turned off and allowed to cool for about 20 minutes. Then it's all about getting your fingers on a leak-down tester (can be rented) and following the manual step by step. If you're not into that stuff then it's best to pay your local garage or car dealer to do it for you.

    The last thing you'll want is discovering something serious when it's too late, like buying a lemon . Stay safe and stay smart!

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