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    Looking a used Mazda B2200 Engine for sale?

    Finding used Mazda engines for sale is time consuming. It’s nearly impossible to find a supplier that can deliver an engine in Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else.

    Engine Finder makes it easy to get your hands on quality used Mazda engines from scrap yards and importers all over South Africa.

    Our website allows you to save time by instantly contacting our extensive network of suppliers who sell their stock through us. We’ll help you find the right part at the best price!

    Instantly contact our large network of engine suppliers!

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    4 Things To Check When Buying A used engine

    If you're thinking about buying a used car engine from a scrap yard in South Africa, there are certain things that you should check to make sure it's not faulty. A professional mechanic should be able to help you with those checks and they will know what to look for. You can also do the checks yourself and these four things will help:

    1. Borescope Inspection Camera - This looks like a flexible tube which has a camera on one end and it allows you to inspect the cylinders of the engine closely. It might seem like it's difficult but once you've done it once or twice, I don't think it'll be such an issue anymore. The borescope inspection camera lets you check if there are signs of wear and tear on the cylinders of the engine. You can use a borescope inspection camera to check for rust and corrosion as well.

    2. Compression Test - This is a quick way to determine if there are problems with the powertrain. You put it in gear while going around 30km/h and then step on the brake firmly while still applying throttle, this will result in compression numbers that you can compare to other engines. The numbers should be close enough so that you know you've got yourself one good engine! It's important to make sure that there aren't any leaks when doing this test, otherwise it'll give inaccurate results.

    3. Coolant Check - Inspecting cooling passages is really important. Cast iron blocks are especially prone to rust and corrosion. Ensure there isn't any orange corrosion around the block, something like this would be a big problem.

    4. Basic Engine Inspection - Make sure there are no signs of a cracked block or impact damage. Also look out for leaks as well as oil stains under the engine bay as well as around the gearbox and clutch components, because those could indicate problems with those parts as well.


    So if you follow these four things when buying an engine from a scrap yard in South Africa, then you're pretty much guaranteed to have made a good decision! The information given here acts merely as guide and we encourage you to check everything with a qualified mechanic before buying anything.

    Good luck!

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