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    Looking a used Mazda B2200Inj (F2) Engine for sale?

    Finding a quality used Mazda engine for sale can be hard.

    We all know that buying used car parts is an important part of keeping your car running smoothly, but it’s also incredibly time consuming to look through every classified ad and local scrap yard yourself.

    Engine Finder makes finding the right replacement or spare part easy. Our website allows you to save time by instantly contacting our extensive network of Mazda engine importers and scrap yards. We’ll help you find quality used Mazda engines for sale for all types of Mazda models in South Africa such as engines pressure tested before dispatch, suppliers sell used Mazda spares too. Where ever in South Africa Johannesburg Cape town Pretoria Durban or anywhere else you live .Receive Multiple Quotes. Choose the best price Deal direct no middleman fees Submit the enquiry form or call Engine Finder on 087 135 2226 to start getting quotes today! Est since 2016

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    4 Things To Check When Buying A used engine

    As any car owner knows, cars are expensive things to buy and maintain. If you?re looking into buying a used car engine rather than spending thousands of dollars on your new one, here are four quick checks to make sure the deal is really worth it...

    1. Borescope Inspection Camera

    This will allow you to take video or still photos of the cylinder walls so that they can be inspected more closely. With this technology, many important components can be seen with greater clarity than using just eyesight alone. This includes finding excessive wear which could indicate shell damage or bearing problems, checking piston ring condition or just seeing if there might be some strange scratches on the cylinder walls which could require further investigation by an expert not available for sale.

    2. Compression Test

    This is a good way of telling whether the engine you are buying has been damaged or worn out severely by looking at it's compression reading. It uses the weight of the piston down from any valves that haven?t opened fully and compresses the air in the cylinder to measure this pressure before an engine stroke can occur, so when dealing with older engines this will give a good indication of how bad things might be... but without a borescope, it can be hard to tell if wear on your engine block is just normal wear and tear or damage which cannot easily be repaired.

    3. Coolant Check

    - Inspect cooling passages. Cast iron blocks are especially prone to rust and corrosion. Ensure there isn?t any orange corrosion

    You are looking for signs of rust, however if you aren?t able to see the actual surface of your engine block then there is no guarantee that it isn't corroded or damaged. It might not be immediately obvious whether the damage is major or minor until you inspect closer with a borescope.

    4. Basic Engine Inspection

    - make sure there are no signs of a cracked block or impact damage. leaking oil?

    As well as wearing out through normal wear and tear, engines can also get damaged by accidents and because of this it's important to be aware that sometimes it will not be possible to tell until you ripped apart this beautiful piece of machinery... which doesn't always end up in happy customer. Make sure you check for leaks when buying a used engine to make sure any damage isn't going to cost more than you bargained for in the future.

    Thank You For Reading!

    Please remember everything above is just a guide and all car parts have different considerations, so always consult a mechanic before purchasing anything!

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