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    Looking a used Mazda B5 Inj Engine for sale?

    Finding the best price for a quality used Mazda engine can be time consuming and frustrating.

    Used engines need to be in good condition, pressure tested before dispatch, and come with all of their original parts. The right price is important too!

    Engine Finder makes it easy to find the best deals on used Mazda engines by connecting you directly to our extensive network of suppliers that specialise in supplying high-quality pre-owned Mazda spares & components. We’ve done all the hard work for you; simply fill out your contact details below or call us now on 087 135 2226 to get started!

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    4 Things To Check When Buying A used engine
    When buying a used engine from a scrap yard in South Africa, there are many checks you need to make. This article will explain the following checks help:

    What exactly is a borescope inspection camera?

    A borescope inspection camera is a type of endoscope that consists of an outer sheath and an internal probe. This tool allows mechanics to see inside small areas, deep cavities, or narrow passages. The camera lens has its own light source which shines through the tube to illuminate the area being viewed. Borescopes are frequently used for viewing engine bores, cylinders, crankshaft journals, etc.

    Why do I need to check compression?

    When checking compression you?re testing 2 things: sealing capabilities and ring seal. Sealing is important because if air can leak past piston rings it will cause unusual wear on the cylinder walls causing loss of power/fuel economy. If the engine is in good condition, you will see no visible wear on the cylinder walls or pistons when you check compression.

    What are cooling passages?

    Cast iron blocks are especially prone to rust and corrosion. Ensure there aren?t any orange corrosion because this can cause irreversible damage to your car/engine when it starts up again.

    What exactly is a basic engine inspection?

    When checking over an engine for problems, you should inspect the exterior of the engine for signs of leaks, cracks, or severe discoloration. Check that all wiring connectors are seated properly and not heavily corroded by battery acid. You should look at oil pan gaskets and valve cover gaskets for any sign of oil seepage. Visually inspect the engine mounts for signs of leakage or damage, check accessory belts for wear and proper tension. Check all electric fans to make sure they aren?t rubbing against anything. If there is any interference between them and other parts you can expect them not to work properly when called upon in an emergency situation, like overheating your car engine.


    If the vehicle has passed these tests then you know that all internal components are in working order which means it's safer than if one or more were neglected during inspection. Try to look at things with a trained eye because trained mechanics will pick up on things normal users won't notice right away, so you?ll be able to get a good deal for your money.

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