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Mazda Courier 2.5Wl Engine Specs

Specification Details
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement 2499 cc
Valvetrain SOHC
No. of valves 12
Power Output in KW 80 KW
Torque Output 200 Nm
Bore x Stroke 93 mm x 92 mm
Compression Ratio 18.0:1

Mazda Courier 2.5Wl Engine FAQ

4 Things To Check When Buying A used car engine

Most car engines last a long time, but eventually you will need to replace some parts. It's a good idea to learn about the signs of a bad engine so you can check it out before buying. Here are some things you need to look for when buying a used car engine: the quality of oil, compression testing, leak-down testing and an inspection of the basic components.

Oil Quality Check

The first thing you want to do is check how "clean" your potential used engine is on the inside by looking at how dirty it is on the outside. An oily or greasy film on top of the engine means that there may be microscopic metal particles coming from internal engine wear. This can be an expensive fix, so make sure to check the oil first to know if you are buying a quality used engine or not.

Compression Testing

The compression test is one of the best ways to determine how well your car engine will run. It measures how much power it has by checking the amount of air and fuel mixture entering into each cylinder during the combustion process. A standard rule of thumb for basic checks is that there at least should be 110 psi (pounds per square inch) in order to pass the test.

Leak-down Testing

Leak-down testing determines how much air leaks out inside the cylinders after every use. If the amount of leakage reaches or exceeds 20 percent there are major problems with the gaskets in your engine, something that is also an expensive fix.

Basic Engine Inspection

Lastly, when checking out a used car engine you should always give it the once over by looking for things like oil leaks, whether or not there are any noises when you start up the engine and if the belts are in good condition to last for a while.


Sometimes buying a used car engine is necessary but make sure to check out what you're getting before putting down your hard earned money! Make sure to take care of your investment by always knowing what's going on with every part of your vehicle. Please note the above information acts as guide only and you should always check everything with a qualified mechanic.


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