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    Looking a used Mazda Demin 1.6 Zy/Z6 Engine for sale?

    Finding a quality used Mazda engine can be a hassle. You have to spend hours calling around and visiting scrap yards, only to find that the engine you need is either not available or too expensive.

    The best way to save time and money on your next Mazda repair project is by using our website’s search tool. This will allow you to contact multiple suppliers at once, saving you time and money!

    By using Engine Finder South Africa’s search tool, we’ll help you find high-quality used engines for sale in just a few minutes! We work with hundreds of suppliers all over South Africa so there’s no limit to the amount of options we can provide for your next auto project. Our service is fast, free and easy – simply fill out the form above or give us a call at 087 135 2226 today!

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    5 Things To Inspect When Buying A Used Car Engine
    When you search to buy a second-hand car engine, you need to make sure that the car engine is in good condition. But before going for inspection, one needs to know what exactly needs to be inspected and those things?

    Car engines have a different life expectancy as per the mileage and conditions they are used in. So let's enumerate some significant points that one should inspect while inspecting a used car engine:

    ? Engine block - The first thing that one should check out is whether the union of an engine has been damaged or not. Usually, engine blocks get cracked due to overheating and high loading on them. Cracks on engine blocks are not desirable, and they should be repaired.

    ? Cylinder head - After checking out the block, the next thing to inspect is the cylinder head of an engine. The Head gasket fails when it gets over-heated or corroded. When you feel that there is a colour difference between the two sides of a car engine, then it's possible that the gasket has failed and needs replacement. Valve springs get weak with age, so one should check if valves are working correctly after replacing valve springs or not. Sometimes broken timing belt results in bent valves, so it makes sense to inspect them before buying used Mazda engines for sale.

    ? Crankcase - There are some common problems in the crankcase that might cause issues. A faulty oil pump will cause oil leakage in an engine. So it's a good idea to inspect internal parts of a crankcase to avoid future problems if you need a used Mazda engine for sale.

    ? Pistons - Sometimes, when cylinders get over-heated, pistons get blistered, which is not desirable. Car manufacturers usually recommend changing piston rings after specific mileage or after the inspection period. Piston ring gets worn off with time and increase in mileage, so one should check them before buying a second-hand car engine.

    So these were some points that can be taken care of while inspecting used Mazda engines for sale. Make sure that the engine you are buying is adequately tested and all its parts are functioning properly.

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