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    Looking a used Mazda Familia 1.5 Z5 Engine for sale?

    Finding a trusted supplier of quality used Mazda engines can be time consuming.

    You need to find the right supplier, and then you have to negotiate a good price for your purchase. It’s hard work!

    Engine Finder makes it easy to find a reputable supplier of second hand Mazda engine parts in South Africa. We have over 50 suppliers on board from all over the country who are ready and waiting to help you with your next project car or engine rebuild project. All our suppliers are pressure tested before dispatch so that they arrive at your door in perfect condition – just as new!

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    5 Things To Inspect When Buying A Used Car Engine

    If you're in the market for a used engine, here are 5 things to check on when inspecting a used car engine.

    #1 - Bearing Wear

    When buying a used car engine, if possible take it apart and inspect the bearings of all the rotating parts. Pop off the caps and see how bad they look. If one or more look worn out, ask for another price reduction before committing to buy. There's nothing worse than having a brand new set of cheap no-name pistons spinning around on an old crank that probably had been eating oil from worn rod bearings even before you put it in your vehicle. You don't want this!

    You'll have a hard time finding parts for that old engine...

    #2 - High Mileage

    If you're buying a used car engine from a place like Craigslist, be sure to ask the seller if they know how many miles are on it. You want to buy an engine with low mileage so it's still got plenty of life left in it. Look at the condition of the oil in the carburettor and in the oil pan. If they look clean and new, no matter what big ugly clumps of carbon build-up is in there, then chances are high that this used car engine hasn't been driven very much or very far.

    High mileage engines aren't always bad...

    #3 - Leaks

    Leaks can be a serious problem with used car engines. If an engine was driven hard, it's likely to be leaking oil at some place or another. Look for all kinds of drips and puddles of fluids anywhere on the under-side of the engine. It's normal for there to be small amounts of oil in various places throughout this area - but if you find large quantities pooled up anywhere, that's probably not good. Another common problem is when someone has drained oil from one part of an engine in order to top it off in another part, creating more problems than they were fixing.

    Check for leaks...

    #4 - Misfires

    Misfiring is when an engine doesn't produce enough power because some of its cylinders aren't firing. If the engine runs rough, chances are good that there's a misfire going on somewhere in it. This is not necessarily a deal killer if you're buying a used car engine - especially if it's still running and can be checked by looking at the spark plugs under load (ie: while driving). The ignition points or ignition module could be defective and need replacement. That said, always consider that this might be the case before committing to buy.

    Now we know what Misfires mean...

    #5 - Camshaft Timing Marks

    If you're buying a used car engine from a reputable place, they will probably have adjusted the timing belt and/or camshafts - making sure that everything is set correctly before it went out on their lot for sale. If you find an engine with no timing marks or timing marks that are worn off, you might want to think twice... Unless of course this was done by a top-notch mechanic at some point soon after the car engine was built. In which case it's not a big deal. Otherwise, you'll have to research just how difficult it is to reset the timing belt and/or camshafts yourself.... which can be a major pain in the neck!


    The above 5 points are great things to inspect when inspecting a used car engine. If you're buying the engine on its own, any one of these points can be deal-breaker. But on the other hand, used car engines do come with some risks. It's definitely worth the money saved to buy them used - just be sure that you check into these things first.

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