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    Find A Used Mazda Titan Ha Engine For Sale

    Finding a used Mazda engine for sale can take hours of research and phone calls.

    We make it easy to find the right used engines for your vehicle by connecting you with our extensive network of suppliers all over South Africa. We’ll help you find the best deals on Mazda engines in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban!

    Our website allows you to save time by instantly contacting our extensive network of Audi engine importers and scrap yards. You’ll get quotes from them within minutes so that you can choose the best price. Deal direct – no middleman fees! Submit the enquiry form or call Engine Finder on 087 135 2226 to start getting quotes today!

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    More Info

    The Mazda Titan Ha engine is a 2.8-litre V6 supercharged gasoline direct-injection turbodiesel or diesel engine with a cast-iron block and an aluminium cylinder head. The engine has a balance shaft to reduce vibration by the flywheel effect and uses a chain drive for the camshaft. It is used in many different Mazdas and is a wide-angle V engine that displaces 2,783 ccs, has 16 valves and a compression ratio of 16.0:1.

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