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    It is an engine derived from the M270DE20 unit and deeply revisited by the AMG of Affalterbach. This 4- cylinder engine is built by the sports department of the Stuttgart company using an existing Mercedes engine as a starting point, suitably modified and revised with the introduction of new and different components. The intentions of the AMG engineers was the desire to create an engine capable of rivaling the 340 HP 2.5-liter turbo mounted in the Audi RS3, but that it remained at only two liters of cubic volume. This difficult task was carried out by the AMG technicians, even if the assembly to specifications of the latter would then be entrusted to the MDC Power GmbH of Kölleda , which has already been collaborating with Mercedes-Benz for years for the construction of engines of various types, including also the same M270 unit that serves as the basis for the M133 engine.
    For the construction of the M133 engine , entirely made of aluminum alloy to contain the weight, the M156 and M159 engines were taken as a modeland solutions already present in the basic engine have been optimized, such as the BlueDIRECT direct injection power supply obtained thanks to the use of multiple jet piezoelectric injectors that "intelligently" manage the injection of air / petrol mixture to improve homogeneous propagation inside the combustion chamber and thus obtain an optimal combustion. All this in order to maximize the thermal efficiency of the motor between 100 and 200 bar depending on the motor load. Alongside these measures there are numerous specific solutions, such as the use of forged steel for the construction of the crankshaft , connecting rods and pistons , which use a NANOSLIDE coating to reduce friction and piston rings also designed for this purpose. Among other things, the pistons were made in such a way as to contain the weight while making use of steel. Even the crankshaft has holes that allow it to cool and at the same time also reduce its weight. These solutions are used very often in sports, but rarely in engines for road cars.

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