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    Find A Used Find Used Mercedes M276 Engines For Sale For Sale

    Finding a quality used engine for your car in South Africa is not easy. When you’re in a hurry, contacting each supplier can be very time consuming and tedious.

    You want to find the best price on an engine as soon as possible! There’s no point calling around to dozens of suppliers if they all give you the same price.

    EngineFinder helps you save time by instantly contacting our large network of engine suppliers so that they contact me with their quotes, so I can choose the best price. This saves me both time and money!

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    More Info

    The Mercedes-Benz M276 is a family of V6 petrol engines with 5 variants ( DE30 LA red. , DE30 LA , DE35 red. , DE35 and DE35 LA ) differing in displacement and performance characteristics.

    All engine versions are equipped with an aluminum cylinder block, two overhead camshafts with independent and variable valve timing ( DOHC , four valves per cylinder) on the intake and exhaust valves, and a new timing chain. The M276 includes a third generation Bosch direct fuel injection system with piezo-electric injectors for more precise fuel delivery, multi-spark ignition and modified components such as fuel, water and oil pumps and a generator. The same features are present on the V8 of the M278 modification... The engine is equipped with a new, low-noise drive system with toothed chains; The camshaft drive chain consists of three separate chain drives, each adjusted by one tensioner. The rigid crankcase is made of aluminum alloy with gray cast iron cylinder liners.

    The cylinder diameter of the naturally aspirated engine is 92.9 mm, the piston stroke is 86 mm; turbocharged - 88.0 mm and 82.1 mm, respectively. The weight of the unit is 171 kg - 10 kg lighter than its predecessor. The rail pressure reaches 200 bar, the compression ratio is 12: 1 for the naturally aspirated version and 10.7: 1 for the turbo version, and the third generation injectors operate differently from the V8mode. They allow the engine to switch from layer-by-layer formation of a combustible mixture to a mixture of homogeneous (homogeneous), depending on the load. Multiple injections - up to five per cycle. Various modes of operation during combustion are possible: homogeneous, homogeneous-layer-by-layer and homogeneous-separated. The exhaust system is equipped respectively with one three-stage catalytic converter located near the engine per cylinder bank and one storage catalytic converter for nitrogen oxides in the underbody area. Intake manifold - variable geometry: four-stage intake volume control makes the engine more flexible. Oil nozzles are used to cool the piston crown.

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