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    The Mercedes-Benz OM611 engine was developed in 1997 and was first introduced in the C-Class under the 220 CDI mark. Initially, its working volume was 2151 cubic meters. see, and the power ranged from 102 to 125 horsepower. Compared to the previous model (ОМ604), ОМ611 has 30% more power, 50% more torque and 10% less fuel consumption.

    In 1999, the engine displacement was reduced to 2,148 cc. see, however, its power increased to a maximum of 143 liters. from. (105 kW).

    In 2000, OM611 was installed on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Mercedes-Benz W203 cars. The new E-class (W211), introduced in 2002, however, was equipped with a different diesel engine - the Mercedes-Benz OM646.

    The production of the OM611 engine ceased in 2006.


    The Mercedes-Benz OM611 engine is a 2.2-liter (originally a displacement of 2151 cc, and since 1999 - 2148 cm 3 ) 4-cylinder diesel engine with a common rail injection system, an intercooler and 2 overhead camshafts that drive all 16 valves. The cylinder diameter is 88.0 mm, the piston stroke is 88.3??88.4 mm. Gas distribution mechanism - DOHC. In order to increase productivity, it is equipped with a turbocharger. An oxidizing catalyst was used to clean the exhaust gases.

    The OM611 engine power varies from 82 hp. from. (60 kW) at 3800 rpm up to 143 hp from. (105 kW) at 4200 rpm, torque - from 200 Nm at 1400-2600 rpm to 315 Nm at 1800-2600 rpm.

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