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    WHAT IS A CABIN FILTER? The air filter market developed a lot during these last years because it is a filter that protects the driver and its occupants from ambient dust, exhaust gases, various particles, etc. There are two types of air filter: Pollen filter The active carbon cabin filter HOW AND WHEN IS THE CABIN FILTER CHANGE DONE? If the filter is saturated with impurities, it no longer fulfills its filtration role A used filter partially covers the ventilation circuit Air conditioning, heating systems and vehicle performance are reduced Generally, the filter should be changed every year or every 15,000 / 20,000 kilometers (more frequently if you drive a lot, for example in urban areas). The air filter and oil filter are often replaced together. Whatever your car, you can replace your air or oil filter on the Engine Finder website, the specialist for the cheapest auto parts on the web.

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