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    Looking a used Toyota 2.0 3Y engine for sale?

    Finding a used engine for your car can be a time consuming and frustrating process.
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    More Info

    Toyota 2.0 3Y engine
    The Toyota 2.0 3Y engine is a straight-4 piston engine with 4 cylinders. It was manufactured by Yanmar and sold as the "Toyota 2Y" in Japan, China, Brazil , Colombia , Thailand . It has an iron block and aluminum cylinder head.

    Common Problems

    The 2.0 3Y is a very reliable engine, but it does have some common problems worth noting.

    -First off, it is prone to oil leaks on the passenger side of the engine. The most common cause for this are blown head gasket o-rings/seals where the manifold meets the block, behind the timing belt pulleys, and at the front of the head where it meets with top of cylinder head .

    -Secondarily, TCC solenoid issues are relatively common in this line of Toyota engines. Most owners ignore them until they become impossible to ignore due to lack of power while accelerating uphill or while driving in stop-and -go traffic. A bad TCC issue causes rough idling, stalling, and a decrease in fuel economy.

    -The wiring harness is also known to come loose from the engine block under the intake manifold. This causes all sorts of electrical problems including : stalling, random no-starts or no-running while driving, rough idle , and much more . Fixing this problem entails reattaching the wiring harness to the engine and then securing it with zip ties and electrical tape (to keep them in place).

    As far as oil consumption goes, there isn't much you can do short of replacing the engine or the oil pan gasket. Additionally, if you have a leaking front headgasket , it can cause low compression in one cylinder which forces your mechanic to replace your whole engine since they all share 4 cylinders.

    -Last but not least, 2nd gear tends to pop out of place if the transmission is being abused. This causes grinding when shifting into 2nd gear or popping out of gear while driving . You can change the tranny fluid and filter as well as rebuilding your transmission but this will only temporarily fix the problem- eventually you'll need either a new tranny or a new second gear from Toyota.

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